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Meaning of INTESTINE

Pronunciation:  in'testin

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  the part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anus

INTESTINE is a 9 letter word that starts with I.


 Synonyms: bowel, gut
 See Also: abdomen, belly, hindgut, internal organ, large intestine, small intestine, stomach, venter, viscus



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \In*tes"tine\, a. [L. intestinus, fr. intus on the
    inside, within, fr. in in: cf. F. intestine. See {In}.]
    1. Internal; inward; -- opposed to {external}.
             Epilepsies, fierce catarrhs, Intestine stone and
             ulcers.                               --Milton.
    2. Internal with regard to a state or country; domestic; not
       foreign; -- applied usually to that which is evil; as,
       intestine disorders, calamities, etc.
             Hoping here to end Intestine war in heaven, the arch
             foe subdued.                          --Milton.
             An intestine struggle . . . between authority and
             liberty.                              --Hume.
    3. Depending upon the internal constitution of a body or
       entity; subjective.
             Everything labors under and intestine necessity.
    4. Shut up; inclosed. [R.] --Cowper.
  2. \In*tes"tine\, n.; pl. {Intestines}. [L. intestinum:
    cf. F. intestin. See {Intestine}, a.]
    1. (Anat.) That part of the alimentary canal between the
       stomach and the anus. See Illust. of Digestive apparatus.
    2. pl. The bowels; entrails; viscera.
    {Large intestine} (Human Anat. & Med.), the lower portion of
       the bowel, terminating at the anus. It is adapted for the
       retention of fecal matter, being shorter, broader, and
       less convoluted than the small intestine; it consists of
       three parts, the c[ae]cum, colon, and rectum.
    {Small intestine} (Human Anat. & Med.), the upper portion of
       the bowel, in which the process of digestion is
       practically completed. It is narrow and contorted, and
       consists of three parts, the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum.
Medical Dictionary
 Definition: A long, tube-shaped organ in the abdomen that completes the process of digestion. There is both a large intestine and a small intestine. Also called the bowel.
Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing intestines in your dream means evil, disaster, and extreme misfortune.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abatis, abdomen, anus, bowels, brain, brains, canal, cecum, chitterlings, cockscomb, colon, duct, duodenum, emunctory, endocardium, entrails, Eustachian tube, Fallopian tube, fistula, foregut, giblets, gizzard, guts, haslet, heart, hindgut, home, inland, innards, inner mechanism, inside, insides, interior, internal, internals, intestines, inward, inwards, jejunum, kidney, kidneys, kishkes, large intestine, liver, liver and lights, lung, marrow, meatus, midgut, municipal, national, native, ostium, oviduct, perineum, pore, pump, pylorus, rectum, salpinx, small intestine, spleen, stomach, sweetbread, thoracic duct, ticker, tongue, tripe, tripes, ureter, urethra, vagina, vas, vermiform appendix, vessel, viscera, vitals, works