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Meaning of GIZZARD

Pronunciation:  'gizurd

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  thick-walled muscular pouch below the crop in many birds and reptiles for grinding food

GIZZARD is a 7 letter word that starts with G.


 Synonyms: gastric mill, ventriculus
 See Also: pocket, pouch



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Giz"zard\, n. [F. g['e]sier, L. gigeria, pl., the
cooked entrails of poultry. Cf. {Gigerium}.]
1. (Anat.) The second, or true, muscular stomach of birds, in
   which the food is crushed and ground, after being softened
   in the glandular stomach (crop), or lower part of the
   esophagus; the gigerium.

2. (Zo["o]l.)
   (a) A thick muscular stomach found in many invertebrate
   (b) A stomach armed with chitinous or shelly plates or
       teeth, as in certain insects and mollusks.

{Gizzard shad} (Zo["o]l.), an American herring ({Dorosoma
   cepedianum}) resembling the shad, but of little value.

{To fret the gizzard}, to harass; to vex one's self; to
   worry. [Low] --Hudibras.

{To stick in one's gizzard}, to be difficult of digestion; to
   be offensive. [Low]

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abatis, abdomen, abomasum, anus, appendix, bay window, beerbelly, belly, blind gut, bowels, brain, brains, breadbasket, cecum, chitterlings, cockscomb, colon, craw, crop, diaphragm, duodenum, embonpoint, endocardium, entrails, first stomach, foregut, giblets, gullet, gut, guts, haslet, heart, hindgut, honeycomb stomach, innards, inner mechanism, insides, internals, intestine, inwards, jejunum, kidney, kidneys, kishkes, large intestine, liver, liver and lights, lung, manyplies, marrow, maw, midgut, midriff, omasum, paunch, perineum, pot, potbelly, potgut, psalterium, pump, pusgut, pylorus, rectum, rennet bag, reticulum, rumen, second stomach, small intestine, spare tire, spleen, stomach, swagbelly, sweetbread, third stomach, ticker, tongue, tripe, tripes, tummy, tum-tum, underbelly, ventripotence, vermiform appendix, viscera, vitals, works