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Meaning of BELOW

Pronunciation:  bi'low

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adv]  at a later place; "see below"
  2. [adv]  in or to a place that is lower
  3. [adv]  on a floor below; "the tenants live downstairs"
  4. [adv]  (in writing) see below; "vide infra"
  5. [adv]  further down; "see under for further discussion"

BELOW is a 5 letter word that starts with B.


 Synonyms: at a lower place, beneath, down the stairs, downstairs, infra, on a lower floor, to a lower place, under
 Antonyms: above, higher up, in a higher place, on a higher floor, supra, to a higher place, up the stairs, upstairs



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Be*low"\, prep. [Pref. be- by + low.]
    1. Under, or lower in place; beneath not so high; as, below
       the moon; below the knee. --Shak.
    2. Inferior to in rank, excellence, dignity, value, amount,
       price, etc.; lower in quality. ``One degree below kings.''
    3. Unworthy of; unbefitting; beneath.
             They beheld, with a just loathing and disdain, . . .
             how below all history the persons and their actions
             were.                                 --Milton.
             Who thinks no fact below his regard.  --Hallam.
    Syn: Underneath; under; beneath.
  2. \Be*low"\, adv.
    1. In a lower place, with respect to any object; in a lower
       room; beneath.
             Lord Marmion waits below.             --Sir W.
    2. On the earth, as opposed to the heavens.
             The fairest child of Jove below.      --Prior.
    3. In hell, or the regions of the dead.
             What business brought him to the realms below.
    4. In court or tribunal of inferior jurisdiction; as, at the
       trial below. --Wheaton.
    5. In some part or page following.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: adown, at a disadvantage, at the nadir, behind, below deck, below par, below the mark, belowstairs, beneath, beneath the sky, down, down below, down south, downgrade, downhill, downline, downright, downstairs, downstream, downstreet, downtown, downward, downwards, downwith, following, hellishly, here, here below, in hell, in hellfire, in the gutter, in the world, infernally, infra, least, least of all, less, neath, next, on earth, short of, since, subordinate to, subsequent to, unbefitting, under, under heaven, under par, under the stars, under the sun, underfoot, underneath