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Meaning of INTERIOR

Pronunciation:  in'teereeur

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the federal department charged with conservation and the development of natural resources; created in 1849
  2. [n]  the inner or enclosed surface of something
  3. [n]  the region that is inside of something
  4. [adj]  of or coming from the middle of a region or country; "upcountry districts"
  5. [adj]  inside and toward a center; "interior regions of the earth"
  6. [adj]  located inward; "Beethoven's manuscript looks like a bloody record of a tremendous inner battle"- Leonard Bernstein; "she thinks she has no soul, no interior life, but the truth is that she has no access to it"- David Denby; "an internal sense of rightousness"- A.R.Gurney,Jr.
  7. [adj]  situated within or suitable for inside a building; "an interior scene"; "interior decoration"; "an interior bathroom without windows"

INTERIOR is a 8 letter word that starts with I.


 Synonyms: Department of the Interior, indoor, inland, inner, inside, inside(a), Interior Department, internal, inward, midland, upcountry
 Antonyms: exterior, exterior, outside
 See Also: belly, executive department, indoor(a), inside, midland, midst, part, penetralia, region, surface, thick



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \In*te"ri*or\, a. [L., compar. fr. inter between: cf.
    F. int['e]rieur. See {Inter-}, and cf. {Intimate}.]
    1. Being within any limits, inclosure, or substance; inside;
       internal; inner; -- opposed to {exterior}, or
       {superficial}; as, the interior apartments of a house; the
       interior surface of a hollow ball.
    2. Remote from the limits, frontier, or shore; inland; as,
       the interior parts of a region or country.
    {Interior angle} (Geom.), an angle formed between two sides,
       within any rectilinear figure, as a polygon, or between
       two parallel lines by these lines and another intersecting
       them; -- called also {internal angle}.
    {Interior planets} (Astron.), those planets within the orbit
       of the earth.
    {Interior screw}, a screw cut on an interior surface, as in a
       nut; a female screw.
    Syn: Internal; inside; inner; inland; inward.
  2. \In*te"ri*or\, n.
    1. That which is within; the internal or inner part of a
       thing; the inside.
    2. The inland part of a country, state, or kingdom.
    {Department of the Interior}, that department of the
       government of the United States which has charge of
       pensions, patents, public lands and surveys, the Indians,
       education, etc.; that department of the government of a
       country which is specially charged with the internal
       affairs of that country; the home department.
    {Secretary of the Interior}, the cabinet officer who, in the
       United States, is at the head of the Department of the
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: airscape, amidships, anonymous, average, belly, bosom, center, central, cityscape, civil, closet, cloudscape, core, deep, deepest recesses, depths, diameter, diaphragm, diorama, domestic, equator, equatorial, equidistant, exterior, farmscape, gut, halfway, heart, heart of hearts, heartland, hidden, hinterland, home, incognito, individual, indoor, inland, inlands, inmost, innards, inner, inner landscape, inner life, inner man, inner nature, inner recess, inner self, innermost, inshore, inside, interior man, intermediary, intermediate, intern, internal, internals, intestine, intimate, intrados, intrinsic, inward, inwards, isolated, kernel, landscape, local, mean, medial, median, mediocre, mediterranean, medium, mesial, mezzo, mid, middle, middlemost, middling, midland, midlands, midmost, midriff, midships, midst, midway, national, nuclear, nucleus, pastoral, penetralia, personal, private, privy, recesses, retired, riverscape, scape, scene, seapiece, seascape, secluded, secret, secret place, secret places, sequestered, skyscape, snowscape, soul, thick, thick of things, townscape, up-country, upland, uplands, veiled, view, viscera, visceral, vital center, vitals, waist, waistline, waterscape, withdrawn, within, zone