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Meaning of ENCLOSED

Pronunciation:  enkl'owzd

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  closed in or surrounded or included within; "an enclosed porch"; "an enclosed yard"; "the enclosed check is to cover shipping and handling"

ENCLOSED is a 8 letter word that starts with E.


 Synonyms: basined, besieged, boxed, boxed in(p), boxed-in(a), capsulate, capsulated, closed, closed in(p), coarctate, confined, embedded, embowered, encircled, engulfed, enveloped, enwrapped, fenced, fenced in, fencelike, fogbound, included, involved, penned, self-enclosed, surrounded, swallowed
 Antonyms: unenclosed



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: barred, beleaguered, beset, besieged, blockaded, bound, cabined, caged, cloistered, closed-in, compassed, confined, cooped, cordoned, cordoned off, corralled, cramped, cribbed, detained, encompassed, enfolded, enveloped, environed, fenced, hedged, hemmed, immured, impounded, imprisoned, in confinement, incarcerated, jailed, kept in, lapped, leaguered, mewed, paled, penned, pent, pent-up, quarantined, railed, restrained, restricted, shut-in, surrounded, under restraint, walled, walled-in, wrapped, wreathed