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Meaning of DIAMETER

Pronunciation:  dI'amitur

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the length of a straight line passing through the center of a circle and connecting two points on the circumference
  2. [n]  a straight line connecting the center of a circle with two points on its perimeter (or the center of a sphere with two points on its surface)

DIAMETER is a 8 letter word that starts with D.


 Synonyms: diam
 See Also: bore, caliber, calibre, length, r, radius, straight line, windage



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Di*am"e*ter\, n. [F. diam[`e]tre, L. diametros, fr.
Gr. ?; dia` through + ? measure. See {Meter}.]
1. (Geom.)
   (a) Any right line passing through the center of a figure
       or body, as a circle, conic section, sphere, cube,
       etc., and terminated by the opposite boundaries; a
       straight line which bisects a system of parallel
       chords drawn in a curve.
   (b) A diametral plane.

2. The length of a straight line through the center of an
   object from side to side; width; thickness; as, the
   diameter of a tree or rock.

Note: In an elongated object the diameter is usually taken at
      right angles to the longer axis.

3. (Arch.) The distance through the lower part of the shaft
   of a column, used as a standard measure for all parts of
   the order. See {Module}.

{Conjugate diameters}. See under {Conjugate}.

Computing Dictionary

The diameter of a graph is the maximum value of the minimum distance between any two nodes.

Medical Dictionary
 Definition: The length of a straight line that extends from one edge of a tumor or other object, through its center and to the opposite edge. It is usually used to measure the size of round or spherical shapes.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: air line, amplitude, area, axis, beeline, bigness, bisector, body, bore, boundary, breadth, bulk, caliber, center, chord, core, coverage, depth, diagonal, diaphragm, dimension, dimensions, direct line, directrix, divider, edge, equator, expanse, expansion, extension, extent, gauge, girth, great-circle course, greatness, halfway mark, heart, height, interior, kernel, largeness, length, line of demarcation, magnitude, mass, mean, measure, measurement, median, middle, midmost, midriff, midst, normal, nucleus, partition, perpendicular, proportion, proportions, radius, radius vector, range, reach, right line, scale, scope, secant, segment, semidiameter, shortcut, side, size, spread, straight, straight course, straight line, straight stretch, straightaway, streamline, tangent, thick, thick of things, transversal, vector, volume, waist, waistline, width, zone