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Meaning of SCALE

Pronunciation:  skeyl

Matching Terms:  scala, scalability, scalable, scalable coherent interface, scalable processor architecture, scalable sampling rate, scalable vector graphics, scalable video, scalade, scalage, scalar, scalar field, scalar matrix, scalar product, scalaria, scalariform, scalary, scalawag, scald, scalded milk, scalder, scaldfish, scaldic, scalding, scale down, scale factor, scale fern, scale insect, scale leaf, scale moss, scale of measurement, scale up, scale value, scale wax, scaleback, scalebeam, scaleboard, scaled, scaleless, scalelike, scalene, scalene muscle, scalene triangle, scalenohedral, scalenohedron, scalenus, scalenus syndrome, scaler, scale-winged, scaley, scalic, scaliness, scaling, scaling ladder, scaliola, scall, scalled, scallion, scallop, scallop shell, scalloped, scalloper, scallopine, scalloping, scallopini, scallywag, scalp, scalp lock, scalpel, scalper, scalping, scalpriform, scaly, scaly anteater, scaly fern, scaly lentinus, scaly pholiota, scaly polypore, scaly-winged

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing scales in your dream means a decision that you need to make. Alternatively, the scales may suggest your need to take a balanced view of a situation and not get so emotional. Don't be so black and white and consider the gray in the situation.