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Meaning of MONEY

Pronunciation:  'munee

Matching Terms:  mone, monecian, monecious, monegasque, moneky bridge, monel metal, monell metal, monembryony, moner, monera, moneral, moneran, monerans, moneron, monerula, moneses, moneses uniflora, monesia, monesin, monest, monestrous, monet, monetarism, monetarist, monetary, monetary fund, monetary resource, monetary standard, monetary system, monetary unit, monetary value, moneth, monetisation, monetise, monetization, monetize, money belt, money box, money changer, money cowrie, money dealer, money handler, money laundering, money market, money order, money plant, money supply, moneyage, moneybag, money-changer, moneyed, moneyer, moneygrubber, moneylender, moneyless, moneymaker, money-maker, moneymaking, money-making, moneymaking(a), moneyman, money-spinner, moneywort

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing or win money in your dream, symbolizes that success and prosperity is within your reach. Money may represent confidence, self-worth, success, or values. You have much belief in yourself. Alternatively, dreaming about money, refers to your attitudes about love and matters of the heart. It is frequently a symbol for sexuality and power. In particular, finding money indicates your quest for love or for power. Dreaming that you lose money means temporary unhappiness in the home and a few setbacks in your affairs. You may be feeling weak, vulnerable, and out of control in your waking life. Additionally, you may be lacking ambition, power and self-esteem. Dreaming about giving money away, is analogous to giving love. You are looking for love. Seeing others giving money away, suggests that you are feeling ignored or neglected. Someone is not paying enough attention and showing enough affection toward you. Dreaming that you have no money indicates that you have a fear of losing your place in the world or that you feel that you lack the abilities needed to achieve some desired goal. You may be overlooked or neglected by others. Dreaming that you steal money, forewarns that you are in danger and need to be cautious. On a positive note, it may mean that you are finally going after or reaching out towards attributes that you associate with things of value.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: affluence, affluent, assets, balance, bank account, banknotes, bankroll, bills, blunt, boodle, bottom dollar, bottomless purse, brass, bread, bucks, budget, bulging purse, bundle, cabbage, capital, cash, cash reserves, change, checking account, chink, chips, coin, coinage, coins, command of money, currency, dinero, do-re-mi, dough, easy circumstances, embarras de richesses, exchequer, fat, filthy lucre, finances, flush, folding money, fortune, fund, funds, gain, gelt, gold, greenbacks, handsome fortune, hard cash, hay, high income, high tax bracket, in clover, in the money, independence, jack, kale, kitty, legal tender, lettuce, life savings, liquid assets, loaded, lolly, loot, lucre, luxuriousness, mammon, material wealth, mazuma, means, medium of exchange, money to burn, moneybags, moneyed, moneys, monied, moolah, mopus, needful, nest egg, net, notes, on Easy Street, ooftish, opulence, opulency, paper money, pecuniary resources, pelf, percentage, pocket, pool, possessions, profit, property, prosperity, prosperous, prosperousness, purse, rake-off, ready money, reserves, resources, rhino, rich, riches, richness, rocks, savings, savings account, scratch, shekels, simoleons, six-figure income, small change, smash, specie, spinach, stiff, stuff, stumpy, substance, sugar, swag, Swiss bank account, take, the ready, treasure, unregistered bank account, upper bracket, wampum, wealth, wealthiness, wealthy, well-heeled, well-to-do, wherewithal