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Meaning of FIGURE

Pronunciation:  'figyur

Matching Terms:  figurability, figurable, figural, figural blindness, figurant, figurante, figurate, figurated, figurately, figuration, figurative, figuratively, figure eight, figure loom, figure of eight, figure of speech, figure out, figure skate, figure skating, figured, figured bass, figured-fabric loom, figurehead, figurer, figurial, figurine, figuring, figurist

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing mysterious figures in your dream means great mental distress.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accept, acclaim, acknowledge, act, acute-angled triangle, add, adornment, adumbrate, advert to, aesthetic form, algebraize, allude to, amount, anacrusis, anatomy, angle, apparition, appear, appearance, appraise, appreciate, archetype, Aristotelian sorites, aroma, arrange, art form, asiaticism, aspect, assess, assume, attribute, background, background detail, badge, baron, bass passage, be conspicuous, be demonstrable, be featured, be irrefutable, be logical, be reasonable, be somebody, be something, be taken as, bead, beauties, bejewel, believe, beribbon, bespangle, big gun, big man, big name, bigwig, binary digit, bit, blazon, block out, blueprint, bod, body, body forth, body-build, bones, bourdon, brand, brass, brass hat, bravura, bridge, brilliancy, brouillon, build, burden, bust, cachet, cadence, calculate, call, carcass, cartoon, carve, carving, cast, catch on to, categorical syllogism, celebrity, character, characteristic, charge, chart, chassis, chisel, chorus, cipher, class, clay, clod, coda, colors, colors of rhetoric, compute, concede, concert, conclude, configuration, conformation, consider, constellation, contour, contrive, copy, corpus, cost, count, count on, create, cube, cuboid, cusp, cut, cut a dash, cut a figure, cut out, cynosure, damage, daring, dash, decagon, decipher, decoration, decorative composition, decorative style, delineation, demonstrate, demonstration, denominate, denote, design, designate, detail, determine, development, device, devise, diagram, diamond, differentia, differential, dig, digit, dignitary, dignity, dilemma, display, distinctive feature, divide, division, dodecagon, dodecahedron, doll, dolly, dope out, draft, dramatics, drawing, dummy, earmark, ebauche, eclat, effect, effigy, efform, eidolon, elder, elegant variation, elevation, embellishment, emblem, emblematize, embody, embroidery, engrave, enthymeme, enumerate, equilateral triangle, esquisse, Establishment, estimate, etalage, euphuism, evaluate, exemplify, exhibition, exhibitionism, expenditure, expense, exposition, extract roots, facet, false front, false image, fame, famousness, fanfaronade, fantasy, fantoccini, fashion, father, fathom, feather, feature, features, figuration, figurative language, figurativeness, figure in, figure of speech, figure on, figure out, figure up, figure-ground, figurehead, figurine, filigree, fine writing, finger, fix, flag, flair, flaunt, flaunting, flavor, flesh, floridity, floridness, flounce, flourish, flower, floweriness, flowers of speech, flowery style, foil, folderol, folk hero, foot, force, forecast, foreground detail, foreshadow, forge, form, form an estimate, formalize, format, formation, found, foursquare, frame, framework, frill, galaxy, garland, gauge, gem, genre, gestalt, get, gingerbread man, give an appreciation, gleam, glitter, glory, glow, gnomon, Goclenian sorites, graph, grasp, great man, ground plan, guess, guise, gust, hallmark, harmonic close, heptagon, hero, heroine, hew, hexagon, hexahedron, histrionics, hold good, hold water, house plan, hulk, human being, hypercube, ichnography, icon, icosahedron, idiocrasy, idiosyncrasy, idol, idolum, illuminate, illustrate, illustration, image, imagery, imagine, imago, immortal, impersonate, important person, impress, impression, incarnate, index, individual, individualism, inner form, integer, intend, interests, interlude, intermezzo, interpret, introductory phrase, isosceles triangle, jewel, judge, keynote, knead, knock out, kudos, lay figure, lay out, lay plans, layout, leader, leitmotiv, lick into shape, light, likeness, lineaments, lines, lion, live, look, lords of creation, luminaries, luminary, lushness, luxuriance, magnate, main features, make, make a figure, make a projection, make a splash, make allowance for, make an estimation, make arrangements, make sense, makeup, man of mark, man of straw, manifestation, manikin, mannequin, manner, manner of speaking, mannerism, marionette, mark, marking, master spirit, material body, matrix, measure, metaphorize, methodize, mint, mirage, mirror, modality, mode, model, modus tollens, mogul, mold, monument, mood, motif, motive, mould, movement, multiply, musical phrase, musical sentence, nabob, name, national style, nature, nonliterality, nonliteralness, notability, notable, notation, notoriety, notoriousness, number, numeral, numerate, numero, oblong, obtuse-angled triangle, octagon, octahedron, odor, organize, ornament, ornamental motif, ornamentation, outline, oxygon, pageant, pageantry, paint, panjandrum, parade, parallelepiped, parallelogram, paralogism, part, participate, particularity, passage, pattern, peculiarity, pentagon, pentahedron, perceive, period, period style, person, person of note, person of renown, personage, personality, personalize, personate, personify, phantasm, phantasma, phantasmagoria, phantom, phase, phasis, phasm, phenomenon, phrase, physical body, physique, pick out, picture, pillar of society, plan, plan ahead, plan on, plate, Platonic body, Platonic form, Platonic idea, pleiad, plot, plume, point at, point out, point to, polygon, polyhedron, pop hero, popular hero, popular idol, popularity, portrait bust, power, power elite, prearrange, prefigure, presence, presume, pretypify, price, price tag, prism, prismoid, prize, profile, program, project, projection, property, prosyllogism, prototype, pseudosyllogism, public figure, publicity, puppet, purple passage, purple patches, put faith in, pyramid, quadrangle, quadrant, quadrature, quadrilateral, quality, quirk, rank, rate, rationalize, realize, reckon, reclame, recognition, rectangle, refer to, reference, reflect, refrain, regard, relief, renown, repeated figure, report, representation, reputation, repute, resolution, resolve, respect, response, rhombohedron, rhomboid, rhombus, ribbon, ritornello, rough, rough out, roughcast, roughhew, rule, rule of deduction, ruling circle, sachem, savor, scarecrow, schedule, schematize, score, sculpt, sculpture, seal, section, see, seeming, select, semblance, set, set up, settle, shade, shadow, shadow forth, sham, shape, shapes, shine, show, showing-off, side, sign, significant form, silhouette, similize, simulacrum, singularity, skeleton, sketch, slant, smack, snowman, social lion, solve, soma, somebody, something, sorites, spangle, specialty, specify, spectacle, specter, splash, splurge, square, staginess, stamp, stand for, stand to reason, stanza, star, statement, statuary, statue, statuette, stigmatize, strain, structure, style, subject, subtract, sum, summate, superstar, suppose, syllogism, symbol, symbolize, systematize, tab, table, tailor, tailpiece, taint, take, take account of, take into account, take into consideration, tally, tang, taste, tetragon, tetragram, tetrahedron, the bubble reputation, the great, the top, theatrics, theme, thermoform, think, tinsel, token, top brass, top people, torso, tot, tot up, total, total effect, tote, touch, tournure, trait, translate, trapeze, trapezium, trapezoid, triangle, trick, trilateral, trope, trunk, trust in, turn, turn of expression, tutti, tutti passage, twig, twist, tycoon, type, typify, understand, valuate, value, variation, vaunt, verse, very important person, view, viewpoint, VIP, vision, vogue, waking dream, wax figure, waxwork, way of speaking, whole number, wildest dream, wise, wood carving, work, work out, work up, working drawing, worthy, wraith, wreathe