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Meaning of HEROIC

Pronunciation:  hi'rowik

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  having or displaying qualities appropriate for heroes; "the heroic attack on the beaches of Normandy"; "heroic explorers"
  2. [adj]  showing extreme courage; especially of actions courageously undertaken in desperation as a last resort; "made a last desperate attempt to reach the climber"; "the desperate gallantry of our naval task forces marked the turning point in the Pacific war"- G.C.Marshall; "they took heroic measures to save his life"
  3. [adj]  impressive in size or scope; "heroic undertakings"
  4. [adj]  surpassing the ordinary especially in size or scale; "an epic voyage"; "of heroic proportions"; "heroic sculpture"
  5. [adj]  relating to or characteristic of heroes of antiquity; "heroic legends"; "the heroic age"

HEROIC is a 6 letter word that starts with H.


 Synonyms: big, bold, brave, courageous, desperate, epic, fearless, grand, heroical, impressive, large, larger-than-life



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\He*ro"ic\, a. [F. h['e]ro["i]que, L. hero["i]cus, Gr.
1. Of or pertaining to, or like, a hero; of the nature of
   heroes; distinguished by the existence of heroes; as, the
   heroic age; an heroic people; heroic valor.

2. Worthy of a hero; bold; daring; brave; illustrious; as,
   heroic action; heroic enterprises.

3. (Sculpture & Painting) Larger than life size, but smaller
   than colossal; -- said of the representation of a human

{Heroic Age}, the age when the heroes, or those called the
   children of the gods, are supposed to have lived.

{Heroic poetry}, that which celebrates the deeds of a hero;
   epic poetry.

{Heroic} {treatment or remedies} (Med.), treatment or
   remedies of a severe character, suited to a desperate

{Heroic verse} (Pros.), the verse of heroic or epic poetry,
   being in English, German, and Italian the iambic of ten
   syllables; in French the iambic of twelve syllables; and
   in classic poetry the hexameter.

Syn: Brave; intrepid; courageous; daring; valiant; bold;
     gallant; fearless; enterprising; noble; magnanimous;

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abysmal, acknowledged, admitted, Alcaic, alto, altruistic, Anacreontic, astronomic, Atlantean, audacious, august, bardic, baritone, bass, big, bighearted, bold, bold-spirited, brave, bravura, Brobdingnagian, bucolic, Castalian, chivalric, chivalrous, choral, choric, classical, coloratura, colossal, conventional, courageous, customary, Cyclopean, daring, dauntless, desperate, determined, didactic, distinguished, dithyrambic, doughty, dramatic, drastic, eclogic, elegiac, elephantine, elevated, eminent, enormous, epic, established, exaggerated, exalted, extravagant, extreme, fabulous, falsetto, famous, fearless, fixed, folk, gallant, Gargantuan, generous, giant, giantlike, gigantic, glorious, godlike, grand, grandiose, great, great of heart, greathearted, hallowed, handed down, handsome, hardy, Herculean, herolike, high, high-minded, hoary, Homeric, honorable, Hudibrastic, huge, hymnal, idealistic, idyllic, immemorial, immense, infinite, intrepid, inveterate, ironhearted, jumbo, knightlike, knightly, largehearted, lauded, legendary, liberal, lionhearted, liturgical, lofty, long-established, long-standing, lyric, magnanimous, magnificent, magniloquent, majestic, mammoth, manful, manly, mighty, miraculous, mock-heroic, monster, monstrous, monumental, mountainous, mythological, narrative, noble, noble-minded, of long standing, of the folk, openhanded, operatic, oral, pastoral, Pierian, Pindaric, plucky, poetic, poetico-mystical, poetico-mythological, poetico-philosophic, poetlike, prescriptive, princely, prodigious, profound, prominent, psalmic, psalmodial, psalmodic, renowned, rhapsodic, rooted, runic, sacred, sapphic, singing, skaldic, soaring, soldierlike, soldierly, soprano, stalwart, staunch, steadfast, stout, stouthearted, stupendous, sublime, superb, tenor, Theocritean, time-honored, titanic, towering, traditional, treble, tremendous, tried and true, true-blue, unafraid, undaunted, understood, unwritten, upstanding, valiant, valorous, vast, venerable, virile, virtuous, vocal, wonderful, worshipful