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Meaning of SITTING

Pronunciation:  'siting

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the act of assuming or maintaining a seated position; "he read the mystery at one sitting"
  2. [n]  the act of assuming a certain position (as for a photograph or portrait); "he wanted his portrait painted but couldn't spare time for the sitting"
  3. [n]  a session as of a legislature or court
  4. [n]  a meeting of spiritualists; "the seance was held in the medium's parlor"
  5. [adj]  (of persons) having the torso erect and legs bent with the body supported on the buttocks; "the seated Madonna"; "the audience remained seated"
  6. [adj]  not moving and therefore easy to attack; "a sitting target"

SITTING is a 7 letter word that starts with S.


 Synonyms: nonmoving, posing, seance, seated, session, unmoving
 Antonyms: standing
 See Also: get together, meeting, motility, motion, move, movement, session, spirit rapping, table lifting, table rapping, table tapping, table tilting, table tipping, table turning



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Sit"ting\, a.
    Being in the state, or the position, of one who, or that
    which, sits.
  2. \Sit"ting\, n.
    1. The state or act of one who sits; the posture of one who
       occupies a seat.
    2. A seat, or the space occupied by or allotted for a person,
       in a church, theater, etc.; as, the hall has 800 sittings.
    3. The act or time of sitting, as to a portrait painter,
       photographer, etc.
    4. The actual presence or meeting of any body of men in their
       seats, clothed with authority to transact business; a
       session; as, a sitting of the judges of the King's Bench,
       or of a commission.
             The sitting closed in great agitation. --Macaulay.
    5. The time during which one sits while doing something, as
       reading a book, playing a game, etc.
             For the understanding of any one of St. Paul's
             Epistles I read it all through at one sitting.
    6. A brooding over eggs for hatching, as by fowls.
             The male bird . . . amuses her [the female] with his
             songs during the whole time of her sitting.
    {Sitting room}, an apartment where the members of a family
       usually sit, as distinguished from a drawing-room, parlor,
       chamber, or kitchen.
Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are sitting indicates your indecision and not knowing what you want to do with yourself in the near future. It may also suggest that you are just being idle and doing nothing.
Easton Bible Dictionary

the attitude generally assumed in Palestine by those who were engaged in any kind of work. "The carpenter saws, planes, and hews with his hand-adze, sitting on the ground or upon the plank he is planning. The washerwoman sits by the tub; and, in a word, no one stands when it is possible to sit. Shopkeepers always sit, and Levi sitting at the receipt of custom (Matt. 9:9) is the exact way to state the case.", Thomson, Land and Book.