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Meaning of LEVITATE

Pronunciation:  'levi`teyt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [v]  be suspended in the air, as if in defiance of gravity; "The guru claimed that he could levitate"
  2. [v]  cause to rise in the air and float, as if in defiance of gravity; "The magician levitated the woman"

LEVITATE is a 8 letter word that starts with L.


 Synonyms: hover
 See Also: arise, bring up, come up, elevate, get up, go up, lift, move up, raise, rise, uprise



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Lev"i*tate\ (l[e^]v"[i^]*t[=a]t), v. i. [L. levitas,
    -atis, lightness. See {Levity}.]
    To rise, or tend to rise, as if lighter than the surrounding
    medium; to become buoyant; -- opposed to {gravitate}. --Sir.
    J. Herschel.
  2. \Lev"i*tate\, v. t. (Spiritualism)
    To make buoyant; to cause to float in the air; as, to
    levitate a table. [Cant]
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: arise, ascend, boost, buoy up, cast up, come up, curl upwards, elevate, erect, escalate, float, go up, grow up, heave, heft, heighten, heist, hike, hoick, hoist, hold up, jerk up, knock up, lift, lift up, lob, loft, loom, mount, perk up, raise, raise up, rear, rear up, rise, rise up, set up, sky, spiral, spire, stand up, stick up, surge, swarm up, sweep up, throw up, tower, up, upbuoy, upcast, upgo, upgrow, upheave, uphoist, uphold, uplift, upraise, uprear, uprise, upspin, upstream, upsurge, upswarm, upthrow, upwind