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Meaning of GIMBAL

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Gim"bal\, or Gimbals \Gim"bals\, n. [See {Gimmal}, n.]
A contrivance for permitting a body to incline freely in all
directions, or for suspending anything, as a barometer,
ship's compass, chronometer, etc., so that it will remain
plumb, or level, when its support is tipped, as by the
rolling of a ship. It consists of a ring in which the body
can turn on an axis through a diameter of the ring, while the
ring itself is so pivoted to its support that it can turn
about a diameter at right angles to the first.

{Gimbal joint} (Mach.), a universal joint embodying the
   principle of the gimbal.

{Gimbal ring}, a single gimbal, as that by which the cockeye
   of the upper millstone is supported on the spindle.