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Meaning of ORGAN

Pronunciation:  'orgun

Matching Terms:  orgal, organ donor, organ loft, organ of corti, organ of hearing, organ pipe, organ stop, organ system, organ transplant, organdie, organdy, organelle, organ-grinder, organic, organic brain syndrome, organic chemistry, organic compound, organic debris, organic disorder, organic fertiliser, organic fertilizer, organic law, organic mode, organic phenomenon, organic process, organic solidarity, organic structure, organical, organically, organicalness, organicism, organicistic, organific, organification, organisation, organise, organised, organiser, organism, organismal, organismal density, organismic, organist, organista, organity, organizability, organizable, organization, organization chart, organization expense, organization man, organization of american states, organization of petroleum-exporting countries, organizational, organizationally, organize, organized, organized crime, organizer, organling, organo-, organogen, organogenesis, organogenic, organogeny, organographic, organographist, organography, organoleptic, organological, organology, organometallic, organon, organonymy, organophosphate, organophyly, organoplastic, organoscopy, organotroph, organotrophic, organs, organule, organy, organza, organzine, orgasm

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Hearing the grand anthems of an organ in your dream, symbolizes long lasting friendships and well-grounded fortune. Seeing an organ in a church indicates sad separation of families. Dreaming that you are playing an organ means that fortune will fall on your and social distinction will be given to you.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: affiliate, agency, agent, ancilla, annual, appendage, appliance, arm, baroque organ, bimonthly, biweekly, bough, branch, branch office, calliope, calliophone, channel, chapter, Charlie McCarthy, choralcelo, component, contrivance, creature, daily, daybook, device, diary, division, dummy, dupe, electric organ, electro-pneumatic organ, element, ephemeris, fortnightly, forum, gazette, go-between, Hammond organ, hand, handmaid, handmaiden, harmonium, hebdomadal, hydraulic organ, imp, implement, instrument, instrumentality, instrumentation, interagent, intermediary, intermediate, intermedium, joint, journal, leg, lever, limb, link, lobe, lobule, local, lodge, magazine, mean, mechanism, mediator, medium, melodeon, melodica, member, midwife, minion, ministry, monthly, mouthpiece, newsletter, newsmagazine, newspaper, offshoot, orchestrelle, organophone, paper, part, pawn, periodical, pictorial, pinion, pipe organ, plaything, post, process, publication, puppet, quarterly, ramification, reed organ, review, runner, scion, seraphine, serial, servant, slave, slick magazine, spray, sprig, spur, steam organ, stooge, structure, switch, symphonion, tail, tendril, tool, toy, tracker-action organ, trade magazine, tubular-pneumatic organ, twig, unit, vehicle, vocalion, voice, weekly, wing, yearbook