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Meaning of MUSIC

Pronunciation:  'myoozik

Matching Terms:  musial, music box, music critic, music department, music director, music drama, music genre, music hall, music lesson, music lover, music of the spheres, music paper, music rack, music school, music stand, music stool, music teacher, music, instrumental, musical, musical accompaniment, musical arrangement, musical box, musical chairs, musical comedy, musical composition, musical drama, musical genre, musical group, musical harmony, musical instrument, musical instrument digital interface, musical interval, musical mode, musical notation, musical note, musical octave, musical organisation, musical organization, musical passage, musical perception, musical performance, musical phrase, musical rhythm, musical scale, musical score, musical soiree, musical style, musical theater, musical theme, musical time, musical time signature, musicale, musicality, musically, musicalness, musicam, musician, musician, chief, musicianship, musicogenic epilepsy, musicological, musicologically, musicologist, musicology, musicomania, musimon, musimp, musing, musingly, musit

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Hearing harmonious and soothing music in your dream, is a good omen of prosperity, pleasure and the expression of your emotions in a positive way. Music serves to heal the soul. Hearing discordant music in your dream means unhappiness and troubles in the home.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: Apollo, Apollo Musagetes, arrangement, babel, clamor, copy, din, draft, edition, Erato, Euterpe, harmonics, harmony, hubbub, hullabaloo, hymnal, hymnbook, instrumental score, jangle, libretto, lute tablature, melodics, music paper, music roll, music theory, musical notation, musical score, musicality, musicography, musicology, notation, opera, opera score, orchestral score, Orpheus, pandemonium, part, piano score, Pierides, Polyhymnia, Polymnia, racket, rhythmics, sacred Nine, score, sheet music, short score, songbook, songster, tablature, Terpsichore, text, the Muses, the Nine, theory, transcript, transcription, tumult, tuneful Nine, uproar, version, vocal score, written music