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Meaning of FINDING

Pronunciation:  'fInding

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the act of determining the properties of something
  2. [n]  the decision of a court on issues of fact or law
  3. [n]  something that is found; "the findings in the gastrointestinal tract indicate that he died several hours after dinner"; "an area rich in archaelogical findings"

FINDING is a 7 letter word that starts with F.


 Synonyms: determination
 See Also: conclusion of law, designation, discovery, disproof, falsification, falsifying, find, finding of fact, finding of law, fix, identification, judgement, judgment, judicial decision, localisation, localization, locating, location, object, physical object, predetermination, proof, rectification, redetermination, refutation, resolution, solving, substantiation, uncovering, validation, verdict



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Find"ing\, n.
1. That which is found, come upon, or provided; esp. (pl.),
   that which a journeyman artisan finds or provides for
   himself; as tools, trimmings, etc.

         When a man hath been laboring . . . in the deep
         mines of knowledge, hath furnished out his findings
         in all their equipage.                --Milton.

2. Support; maintenance; that which is provided for one;
   expence; provision.

3. (Law) The result of a judicial examination or inquiry,
   especially into some matter of fact; a verdict; as, the
   finding of a jury. --Burrill.

         After his friends finding and his rent. --Chaucer.

Legal Dictionary
 Definition: Formal conclusion by a judge or regulatory agency on issues of fact. Also, a conclusion by a jury regarding a fact.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accomplishment, accouterment, action, answer, armament, ascertainment, award, bonus, bringing to light, buried treasure, casual discovery, catching, catering, chance discovery, chandlery, clearing up, conclusion, condemnation, consideration, cracking, decipherment, decision, declaration, decoding, decree, deliverance, denouement, detection, determination, determining, diagnosis, dictum, disclosure, discovery, disentanglement, distinguishment, doom, end, end result, endowment, equipment, espial, excavation, exhumation, explanation, exposure, find, finding out, finding-out, fitting out, foundling, furnishing, furnishment, gravy, interpretation, invention, investment, issue, judgement, locating, location, logistics, lucky strike, order, outcome, outfitting, precedent, preparation, procurement, prognosis, pronouncement, providing, provision, provisioning, purveyance, reason, recognition, rediscovery, reinforcement, replenishment, resolution, resolving, result, resupply, retailing, revelation, riddling, ruling, selling, sentence, serendipity, solution, solving, sorting out, spotting, strike, subsidization, subsidy, subvention, supply, supplying, treasure trove, trouvaille, trove, uncovering, unearthing, unraveling, unriddling, unscrambling, unspinning, untangling, untwisting, unweaving, upshot, verdict, victualing, waifs, waifs and strays, windfall, windfall money, windfall profit, working, working-out