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Meaning of TRADUCE

Pronunciation:  tru'doos

WordNet Dictionary
[v]  speak unfavorably about; "She badmouthes her husband everywhere"

TRADUCE is a 7 letter word that starts with T.


 Synonyms: badmouth, drag through the mud, malign
 See Also: asperse, besmirch, calumniate, defame, denigrate, slander, smear, smirch, sully



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Tra*duce"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Traduced}; p. pr. &
vb. n. {Traducing}.] [L. traducere, traductum, to lead
across, lead along, exhibit as a spectacle, disgrace,
transfer, derive; trans across, over + ducere to lead: cf. F.
traduire to transfer, translate, arraign, fr. L. traducere.
See {Duke}.]
1. To transfer; to transmit; to hand down; as, to traduce
   mental qualities to one's descendants. [Obs.] --Glanvill.

2. To translate from one language to another; as, to traduce
   and compose works. [Obs.] --Golden Boke.

3. To increase or distribute by propagation. [Obs.]

         From these only the race of perfect animals were
         propagated and traduced over the earth. --Sir M.

4. To draw away; to seduce. [Obs.]

         I can forget the weakness Of the traduced soldiers.
                                               --Beau. & Fl.

5. To represent; to exhibit; to display; to expose; to make
   an example of. [Obs.] --Bacon.

6. To expose to contempt or shame; to represent as blamable;
   to calumniate; to vilify; to defame.

         The best stratagem that Satan hath . . . is by
         traducing the form and manner of them [prayers], to
         bring them into contempt.             --Hooker.

         He had the baseness . . . to traduce me in libel.

Syn: To calumniate; vilify; defame; disparage; detract;
     depreciate; decry; slander.