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Meaning of THAW

Pronunciation:  tho

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  warm weather following a freeze; snow and ice melt; "they welcomed the spring thaw"
  2. [n]  the process whereby heat changes something from a solid to a liquid; "the power failure caused a refrigerator melt that was a disaster"; "the thawing of a frozen turkey takes several hours"
  3. [v]  become or cause to become soft or liquid; "The sun melted the ice"; "the ice thawed"; "the ice cream melted"; "The heat melted the wax"

THAW is a 4 letter word that starts with T.


 Synonyms: melt, melt, melting, thawing, thawing, unfreeze, unthaw, warming
 See Also: atmospheric condition, defrost, deice, de-ice, flux, heating, liquefy, liquify, phase change, phase transition, physical change, state change, warming, weather, weather condition



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Thaw\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Thawed}; p. pr. & vb. n.
    {Thawing}.] [AS. [thorn][=a]wian, [thorn][=a]wan; akin to D.
    dovijen, G. tauen, thauen (cf. also verdauen 8digest, OHG.
    douwen, firdouwen), Icel. [thorn]eyja, Sw. t["o]a, Dan.
    t["o]e, and perhaps to Gr. ? to melt. [root]56.]
    1. To melt, dissolve, or become fluid; to soften; -- said of
       that which is frozen; as, the ice thaws.
    2. To become so warm as to melt ice and snow; -- said in
       reference to the weather, and used impersonally.
    3. Fig.: To grow gentle or genial.
  2. \Thaw\, v. t.
    To cause (frozen things, as earth, snow, ice) to melt,
    soften, or dissolve.
  3. \Thaw\, n.
    The melting of ice, snow, or other congealed matter; the
    resolution of ice, or the like, into the state of a fluid;
    liquefaction by heat of anything congealed by frost; also, a
    warmth of weather sufficient to melt that which is congealed.
Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing ice thawing in your dream means that a problem that has once given your much worry will soon give you profit and pleasure. Seeing the ground thawing after a long freeze means a prosperous future.