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Meaning of SHOWER

Pronunciation:  'shawur

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  washing yourself in a shower; you stand upright under water sprayed from a nozzle; "he took a shower after the game"
  2. [n]  a plumbing fixture that sprays water over you; "they installed a shower in the bathroom"
  3. [n]  a sudden downpour (as of tears or sparks etc) likened to a rain shower; "a little shower of rose petals"; "a sudden cascade of sparks"
  4. [n]  a party of friends assembled to present gifts (usually of a specified kind) to a person; "her friends organized a baby shower for her when she was expecting"
  5. [n]  someone who organizes an exhibit for others to see
  6. [n]  a brief period of precipitation; "the game was interrupted by a brief shower"
  7. [v]  take a shower; wash one's body in the shower; "You should shower after vigorous exercise"
  8. [v]  provide abundantly with; "He showered her with presents"
  9. [v]  spray or sprinkle with; "The guests showered rice on the couple"
  10. [v]  expend profusely; also used with abstract nouns; "He was showered with praise"
  11. [v]  rain abundantly; "Meteors showered down over half of Australia"

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 Synonyms: cascade, exhibitioner, exhibitor, lavish, rain shower, shower bath, shower down
 See Also: ablution, bathe, bathing, blow, cater, descent, impresario, party, plumbing fixture, ply, promoter, provide, rain, rain, rain down, rainfall, scattering, shower bath, shower stall, showerhead, showman, spray, sprinkle, sprinkling, squander, supply, washup



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Show"er\, n.
    1. One who shows or exhibits.
    2. That which shows; a mirror. [Obs.] --Wyclif.
  2. \Show"er\, n. [OE. shour, schour, AS. se?r; akin to D.
    schoer, G. schauer, OHG. sc?r, Icel. sk?r, Sw. skur, Goth.
    sk?ra windis a storm of wind; of uncertain origin.]
    1. A fall or rain or hail of short duration; sometimes, but
       rarely, a like fall of snow.
             In drought or else showers.           --Chaucer.
             Or wet the thirsty earth with falling showers.
    2. That which resembles a shower in falling or passing
       through the air copiously and rapidly.
             With showers of stones he drives them far away.
    3. A copious supply bestowed. [R.]
             He and myself Have travail'd in the great shower of
             your gifts.                           --Shak.
    {Shower bath}, a bath in which water is showered from above,
       and sometimes from the sides also.
  3. \Show"er\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Showered}; p. pr. & vb.
    n. {Showering}.]
    1. To water with a shower; to ??t copiously with rain.
             Lest it again dissolve and shower the earth.
    2. To bestow liberally; to destribute or scatter in ?undance;
       to rain. --Shak.
             C?sar's favor, That showers down greatness on his
             friends.                              --Addison.
  4. \Show"er\, v. i.
    To rain in showers; to fall, as in a hower or showers.
Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are taking a shower in clear, fresh water indicates spiritual or physical renewal or the need to wash a burden out of your life. It is also symbolic of forgiveness. Dreaming that you are taking a shower in muddy, dirty water means misfortune and minor losses. Dreaming that you (or someone) is showering with their clothes on, suggests that even though you (or someone) change your outer appearances, it does not change who you are on the inside. Alternatively, your dream may indicate that you are unwilling to let your guard down. You are still keeping up a protective barrier between you and others.