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Meaning of PLUMBING

Pronunciation:  'pluming

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the occupation of a plumber (installing and repairing pipes and fixtures for water or gas or sewage in a building)
  2. [n]  measuring the depths of the oceans
  3. [n]  utility consisting of the pipes and fixtures for the distribution of water or gas in a building and for the disposal of sewage

PLUMBING is a 8 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: bathymetry, plumbery, plumbing system
 See Also: building, construction, craft, measure, measurement, measuring, mensuration, plumbing fixture, trade, utility



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Plumb"ing\, n.
1. The art of casting and working in lead, and applying it to
   building purposes; especially, the business of furnishing,
   fitting, and repairing pipes for conducting water, sewage,
   etc. --Gwilt.

2. The lead or iron pipes, and other apparatus, used in
   conveying water, sewage, etc., in a building.

Computing Dictionary

(Unix) Term used for shell code, so called because of the prevalence of "pipelines" that feed the output of one program to the input of another. Under unix, user utilities can often be implemented or at least prototyped by a suitable collection of pipelines and temporary file grinding encapsulated in a shell script. This is much less effort than writing c every time, and the capability is considered one of Unix's major winning features. A few other operating systems such as ibm's vm/cms support similar facilities.

The tee utility is specifically designed for plumbing.

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Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing plumbing in your dream, symbolizes the flow of emotions. If the plumbing is clogged up, then it means repressed or pent up emotions needed to be released and expressed.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accouterments, apparatus, appliances, appointments, appurtenances, armament, conveniences, duffel, equipage, equipment, facilities, facility, fittings, fixtures, furnishings, furniture, gear, impedimenta, installations, kit, machinery, materiel, munition, munitions, outfit, paraphernalia, plant, rig, rigging, stock-in-trade, tackle, things, utensils