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Pronunciation:  pri'ventiv

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  an agent or device intended to prevent conception
  2. [n]  any obstruction that impedes or is burdensome
  3. [n]  remedy that prevents or slows the course of an illness or disease; "the doctor recommended several preventatives"
  4. [adj]  preventing or contributing to the prevention of disease; "preventive medicine"; "vaccines are prophylactic"; "a prophylactic drug"
  5. [adj]  tending to prevent or hinder
  6. [adj]  tending to ward off; "the swastika...a very ancient prophylactic symbol occurring among all peoples"- Victor Schultze

PREVENTIVE is a 10 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: birth control device, blockading, cautionary, clogging, contraceptive, contraceptive device, deterrent, encumbrance, frustrating, frustrative, healthful, hindering, hindrance, hitch, impeding, incumbrance, interference, obstructive, obviating(a), precautional, precautionary, preclusive, preemptive, preventative, preventative, prohibitive, prohibitory, prophylactic, prophylactic device, thwarting
 Antonyms: permissive
 See Also: anovulant, anovulatory drug, birth control pill, cervical cap, clog, coil, condom, contraceptive diaphragm, contraceptive pill, curative, cure, device, diaphragm, impediment, impedimenta, intrauterine device, IUD, morning-after pill, obstructer, obstruction, obstructor, oral contraceptive, oral contraceptive pill, pessary, pill, prophylactic, protective, remedy, rubber, safe, safety, speed bump, spermatocide, spermicide



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Pre*vent"ive\, a. [Cf. F. pr['e]ventif.]
    1. Going before; preceding. [Obs.]
             Any previous counsel or preventive understanding.
    2. Tending to defeat or hinder; obviating; preventing the
       access of; as, a medicine preventive of disease.
             Physic is either curative or preventive. --Sir T.
    {Preventive service}, the duty performed by the armed police
       in guarding the coast against smuggling. [Eng]
  2. \Pre*vent"ive\, n.
    That which prevents, hinders, or obstructs; that which
    intercepts access; in medicine, something to prevent disease;
    a prophylactic.
Medical Dictionary
 Definition: Used to prevent disease.