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Pronunciation:  pur'misiv

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  granting or inclined or able to grant permission; not strict in discipline; "direct primary legislation is largely permissive rather than prescriptive"; "permissive parents"
  2. [adj]  not preventive

PERMISSIVE is a 10 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: admitting of(p), allowing of(p), bailable, indulgent, lax, lenient, permitting of(p), soft
 Antonyms: preventative, preventive, unpermissive



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Per*mis"sive\, a.
1. Permitting; granting leave or liberty. ``By his permissive
   will.'' --Milton.

2. Permitted; tolerated; suffered. --Milton.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accommodating, accordant, acquiescent, admissive, affable, affirmative, agreeable, agreeing, allowing, amiable, approving, assenting, benevolent, benign, benignant, broad-minded, careless, complaisant, compliable, compliant, conditional, consentient, consenting, content, culpably negligent, decent, derelict, eager, easy, easygoing, endorsing, favorable, freethinking, generous, gracious, imperative, impotent, imprecise, inadvertent, inattentive, indicative, indifferent, indulgent, jussive, kind, kindly, laissez-faire, latitudinarian, lax, lenient, liberal, libertarian, libertine, loose, mode, mood, neglectful, neglecting, negligent, noninterfering, nonprohibitive, nonrestrictive, nothing loath, obligative, obliging, off-guard, open-minded, optative, overindulgent, overly permissive, overpermissive, permitting, potential, procrastinating, prompt, ratifying, ready, relaxed, remiss, sanctioning, scamping, skimping, slack, slighting, slipshod, sloppy, slurring, soft, subjunctive, submissive, suffering, tolerant, tolerating, unbigoted, uncircumspect, ungrudging, unguarded, unloath, unprohibitive, unrefusing, unreluctant, unrestrained, unrigorous, unwary, unwatchful, weak, willing