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Meaning of OSTRACISM

Pronunciation:  '√Ęstru`sizum

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the act of excluding someone from society by general consent
  2. [n]  the state of being banished or ostracized (excluded from society by general consent); "the association should get rid of its elderly members--not by euthanasia, of course, but by Coventry"

OSTRACISM is a 9 letter word that starts with O.


 Synonyms: banishment, Coventry
 See Also: ejection, exclusion, exclusion, expulsion, riddance



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Os"tra*cism\, n. [Gr. ?, fr. ? to ostracize. See
1. (Gr. Antiq.) Banishment by popular vote, -- a means
   adopted at Athens to rid the city of a person whose talent
   and influence gave umbrage.

2. Banishment; exclusion; as, social ostracism.

         Public envy is as an ostracism, that eclipseth men
         when they grow too great.             --Bacon.

         Sentenced to a perpetual ostracism from the . . .
         confidence, and honors, and emoluments of his
         country.                              --A. Hamilton.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: ban, banishment, blackball, blackballing, blacklist, boycott, boycottage, clearance, complaint, defrocking, degradation, demotion, depluming, deportation, deprivation, detachment, dim view, disagreement, disappointment, disapprobation, disapproval, disbarment, discard, discontent, discontentedness, discontentment, disenchantment, disesteem, disfavor, disfellowship, disgruntlement, disillusion, disillusionment, disjunction, displacement, displeasure, displuming, disposal, disposition, disrespect, dissatisfaction, dissent, distaste, ejection, elimination, eradication, exclusion, excommunication, exile, expatriation, expulsion, extradition, fugitation, indignation, liquidation, low estimation, low opinion, objection, opposition, opposure, ostracization, outlawing, outlawry, proscription, protest, purge, rejection, relegation, removal, riddance, rustication, severance, stripping, suspension, thumbs-down, transportation, unfrocking, unhappiness, withdrawal