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Pronunciation:  'murkun`teel

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  of or relating to or characteristic of trade or traders; "the mercantile North was forging ahead"- Van Wyck Brooks
  2. [adj]  profit oriented; "a commercial book"; "preached a mercantile and militant patriotism"- John Buchan; "a mercenary enterprise"; "a moneymaking business"
  3. [adj]  of or relating to the economic system of mercantilism; "mercantile theories"; "mercantile system"

MERCANTILE is a 10 letter word that starts with M.


 Synonyms: business(a), commercial, mercenary, moneymaking(a)



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Mer"can*tile\ (?; 277), a. [F. mercantile, It.
mercantile, fr. L. mercans, -antis, p. pr. of mercari to
traffic. See {Merchant}.]
Of or pertaining to merchants, or the business of merchants;
having to do with trade, or the buying and selling of
commodities; commercial.

      The expedition of the Argonauts was partly mercantile,
      partly military.                         --Arbuthnot.

{Mercantile agency}, an agency for procuring information of
   the standing and credit of merchants in different parts of
   the country, for the use of dealers who sell to them.

{Mercantile marine}, the persons and vessels employed in
   commerce, taken collectively.

{Mercantile paper}, the notes or acceptances given by
   merchants for goods bought, or received on consignment;
   drafts on merchants for goods sold or consigned.

Syn: {Mercantile}, {Commercial}.

Usage: Commercial is the wider term, being sometimes used to
       embrace mercantile. In their stricter use, commercial
       relates to the shipping, freighting, forwarding, and
       other business connected with the commerce of a
       country (whether external or internal), that is, the
       exchange of commodities; while mercantile applies to
       the sale of merchandise and goods when brought to
       market. As the two employments are to some extent
       intermingled, the two words are often interchanged.