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Meaning of ECONOMIC

Pronunciation:  `eeku'nâmik

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  using the minimum of time or resources necessary for effectiveness; "an economic use of home heating oil"; "a modern economical heating system"; "an economical use of her time"
  2. [adj]  financially rewarding; "it was no longer economic to keep the factory open"; "have to keep prices high enough to make it economic to continue the service"
  3. [adj]  concerned with worldly necessities of life (especially money); "he wrote the book primarily for economic reasons"; "gave up the large house for economic reasons"; "in economic terms they are very privileged"
  4. [adj]  of or relating to the science of economics; "economic theory"
  5. [adj]  of or relating to an economy, the system of production and management of material wealth; "economic growth"; "aspects of social, political, and economical life"

ECONOMIC is a 8 letter word that starts with E.


 Synonyms: economical, economical, efficient, profitable, worldly



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\E`co*nom"ic\ (?; 277), Economical \E`co*nom"ic*al\, a.
[F. ['e]conomique, L. oeconomicus orderly, methodical, Gr. ?
economical. See {Economy}.]
1. Pertaining to the household; domestic. ``In this
   economical misfortune [of ill-assorted matrimony.]''

2. Relating to domestic economy, or to the management of
   household affairs.

         And doth employ her economic art And busy care, her
         household to preserve.                --Sir J.

3. Managing with frugality; guarding against waste or
   unnecessary expense; careful and frugal in management and
   in expenditure; -- said of character or habits.

         Just rich enough, with economic care, To save a
         pittance.                             --Harte.

4. Managed with frugality; not marked with waste or
   extravagance; frugal; -- said of acts; saving; as, an
   economical use of money or of time.

5. Relating to the means of living, or the resources and
   wealth of a country; relating to political economy; as,
   economic purposes; economical truths.

         These matters economical and political. --J. C.

         There was no economical distress in England to
         prompt the enterprises of colonization. --Palfrey.

         Economic questions, such as money, usury, taxes,
         lands, and the employment of the people. --H. C.

6. Regulative; relating to the adaptation of means to an end.

Note: Economical is the usual form when meaning frugal,
      saving; economic is the form commonly used when meaning
      pertaining to the management of a household, or of
      public affairs.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: budget, budgetary, canny, careful, chary, cheap, cheeseparing, commercial, conserving, easy, economizing, economy, financial, fiscal, forehanded, frugal, inexpensive, labor-saving, low, low-priced, manageable, mercantile, moderate, modest, monetary, money-saving, nominal, parsimonious, pecuniary, penny-wise, politico-economic, productive, profitable, provident, prudent, prudential, reasonable, remunerative, saving, Scotch, scrimping, sensible, shabby, shoddy, skimping, socio-economic, solvent, spare, sparing, thrifty, time-saving, token, trade, unexpensive, unwasteful, within means, worth the money