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Meaning of MEED

Pronunciation:  meed

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  (archaic) a fitting reward

MEED is a 4 letter word that starts with M.


 See Also: reward



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Meed\, n. [OE. mede, AS. m[=e]d, meord; akin to OS. m?da,
    OHG. miata, mieta, G. miethe hire, Goth. mizd[=o] reward,
    Bohem. & Russ. mzda, Gr. mistho`s, Skr. m[imac]dha.
    1. That which is bestowed or rendered in consideration of
       merit; reward; recompense.
             A rosy garland was the victor's meed. --Spenser.
    2. Merit or desert; worth.
             My meed hath got me fame.             --Shak.
    3. A gift; also, a bride. [Obs.] --Chaucer.
  2. \Meed\, v. t.
    1. To reward; to repay. [Obs.] --Waytt.
    2. To deserve; to merit. [Obs.] --Heywood.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: allotment, allowance, amends, apportionment, atonement, big end, bigger half, bit, bite, blood money, budget, carrot, chunk, commission, compensation, consideration, contingent, cut, damages, deal, desert, destiny, dividend, dole, due, end, equal share, fate, guerdon, half, halver, helping, honorarium, indemnification, indemnity, interest, lot, measure, merit, mess, modicum, moiety, part, percentage, piece, plum, portion, premium, price, prize, proportion, quantum, quittance, quota, rake-off, ration, recompense, recompensing, redress, remuneration, reparation, requital, requitement, restitution, retribution, return, reward, salvage, satisfaction, segment, share, slice, small share, smart money, solatium, stake, stock, wergild