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Meaning of MAJESTY

Pronunciation:  'majistee

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  impressiveness in scale or proportion

MAJESTY is a 7 letter word that starts with M.


 Synonyms: loftiness, stateliness
 See Also: grandness, impressiveness, magnificence



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Maj"es*ty\, n.; pl. {Majesties}. [OE. magestee, F.
majest['e], L. majestas, fr. an old compar. of magnus great.
See {Major}, {Master}.]
The dignity and authority of sovereign power; quality or
state which inspires awe or reverence; grandeur; exalted
dignity, whether proceeding from rank, character, or bearing;
imposing loftiness; stateliness; -- usually applied to the
rank and dignity of sovereigns.

      The Lord reigneth; he is clothed with majesty. --Ps.
                                               xciii. 1.

      No sovereign has ever represented the majesty of great
      state with more dignity and grace.       --Macaulay.

2. Hence, used with the possessive pronoun, the title of an
   emperor, king or queen; -- in this sense taking a plural;
   as, their majesties attended the concert.

         In all the public writs which he [Emperor Charles
         V.] now issued as King of Spain, he assumed the
         title of Majesty, and required it from his subjects
         as a mark of respect. Before that time all the
         monarchs of Europe were satisfied with the
         appellation of Highness or Grace.     --Robertson.

3. Dignity; elevation of manner or style. --Dryden.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: anointed king, augustness, Babylonian splendor, brilliance, caliphate, chief, chieftain, consequence, courtliness, crowned head, czardom, dignifiedness, dignity, distinction, dynast, elaborateness, elegance, elevation, eminence, emperor, emperorship, empery, empire, eternity, fame, glory, gorgeousness, Grace, grand duke, grandeur, grandiosity, grandness, gravity, Her Excellency, Her Highness, Her Ladyship, Her Majesty, heroism, high chief, Highness, His Lordship, His Majesty, holiness, Honor, immutability, imperator, Imperial Highness, Imperial Majesty, imperialism, imposingness, impressiveness, infinite goodness, infinite justice, infinite love, infinite mercy, infinite power, infinite wisdom, infinity, kaiserdom, kaisership, king, king-emperor, kinghood, kinglet, kingliness, kingship, Lady, Ladyship, lavishness, light, loftiness, Lord, lord paramount, lordliness, Lordship, luxuriousness, luxury, magnanimity, magnificence, milady, milord, monarch, My Lady, My Lord, nobility, notability, omnipotence, omnipotency, omnipresence, omniscience, omnisciency, overlord, paramount, petty king, plushness, poshness, potentate, pride of bearing, pride of place, prince, prince consort, princeliness, prominence, proud bearing, proudness, queenhood, queenship, rajaship, regality, regnancy, renown, resplendence, Reverence, ritziness, royal, Royal Highness, Royal Majesty, royal personage, royalty, ruler, sedateness, Serene Highness, sobriety, solemnity, sovereign, sovereignty, splendidness, splendiferousness, splendor, state, stateliness, sublimity, sultanate, sultanship, sumptuousness, suzerain, tetrarch, the crown, the throne, ubiquity, unity, venerability, Worship, worthiness, Your Lordship