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Meaning of HARMONIC

Pronunciation:  hâr'mânik

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a tone that is a component of a complex sound
  2. [adj]  involving or characterized by harmony
  3. [adj]  relating to vibrations that occur as a result of vibrations in a nearby body; "sympathetic vibration"
  4. [adj]  of or relating to harmony as distinct from melody and rhythm; "subtleties of harmonic change and tonality"- Ralph Hill
  5. [adj]  of or relating to the branch of acoustics that studies the composition of musical sounds; "the sound of the resonating cavity cannot be the only determinant of the harmonic response"

HARMONIC is a 8 letter word that starts with H.


 Synonyms: consonant, harmonical, harmonious, harmonised, harmonized, in harmony, sympathetic
 Antonyms: nonharmonic
 See Also: first harmonic, fundamental, fundamental frequency, overtone, pure tone, tone



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Har*mon"ic\, Harmonical \Har*mon"ic*al\, a. [L.
    harmonicus, Gr. ?; cf. F. harmonique. See {Harmony}.]
    1. Concordant; musical; consonant; as, harmonic sounds.
             Harmonic twang! of leather, horn, and brass. --Pope.
    2. (Mus.) Relating to harmony, -- as melodic relates to
       melody; harmonious; esp., relating to the accessory sounds
       or overtones which accompany the predominant and apparent
       single tone of any string or sonorous body.
    3. (Math.) Having relations or properties bearing some
       resemblance to those of musical consonances; -- said of
       certain numbers, ratios, proportions, points, lines.
       motions, and the like.
    {Harmonic interval} (Mus.), the distance between two notes of
       a chord, or two consonant notes.
    {Harmonical mean} (Arith. & Alg.), certain relations of
       numbers and quantities, which bear an analogy to musical
    {Harmonic motion},
  2. \Har*mon"ic\, n. (Mus.)
    A musical note produced by a number of vibrations which is a
    multiple of the number producing some other; an overtone. See
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accordant, according, AF, assonant, assonantal, attuned, audio frequency, blended, blending, chiming, concordant, consonant, flageolet tone, fluctuant, fluctuating, fluctuational, frequency, fundamental, fundamental tone, harmonic tone, harmonious, harmonizing, homophonic, in accord, in chorus, in concert, in concord, in sync, in tune, in unison, intonation, libratory, monodic, monophonic, monotone, monotony, musical, nutational, oscillating, oscillatory, overtone, partial, partial tone, pendular, pendulous, periodic, pitch, resonant, symphonic, symphonious, synchronized, synchronous, tone, tonelessness, tuned, unisonant, unisonous, vacillating, vacillatory, vibratile, vibrating, vibratory, wavering