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Meaning of FINISHING

Pronunciation:  f'inishing

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the act of finishing; "his best finish in a major tournament was third"; "the speaker's finishing was greeted with applause"
  2. [n]  a decorative texture or appearance of a surface (or the substance that gives it that appearance); "the boat had a metallic finish"; "he applied a coat of a clear finish"; "when the finish is too thin it is difficult to apply evenly"

FINISHING is a 9 letter word that starts with F.


 Synonyms: coating, finish, finish
 Antonyms: beginning, commencement, start
 See Also: close, closing, closing curtain, completion, culmination, decorativeness, finale, finis, glaze, mop up, shoeshine, windup



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Fin"ish*ing\, n.
    The act or process of completing or perfecting; the final
    work upon or ornamentation of a thing.
  2. \Fin"ish*ing\, a.
    Tending to complete or to render fit for the market or for
    {Finishing coat}.
    (a) (Plastering) the final coat of plastering applied to
        walls and ceilings, usually white and rubbed smooth.
    (b) (Painting) The final coat of paint, usually differently
        mixed applied from the others.
    {Finishing press}, a machine for pressing fabrics.
    {Finishing rolls} (Iron Working), the rolls of a train which
       receive the bar from roughing rolls, and reduce it to its
       finished shape. --Raymond.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: ablation, absorption, assimilation, attrition, burning up, capping, close, closing, completing, completion, completive, completory, concluding, conclusion, conclusive, consummative, consummatory, consumption, crowning, culminating, culmination, culminative, depletion, digestion, drain, eating up, end, ending, erosion, exhaustion, expending, expenditure, final, finalizing, finish, fulfilling, full development, impoverishment, ingestion, last, maturation, maturity, perfecting, perfection, perfective, ripeness, rounding off, rounding out, spending, squandering, terminal, terminating, termination, terminative, terminus, topping off, ultimate, using up, wastage, waste, wastefulness, wasting away, wearing away, wearing down, windup