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Meaning of EVENLY

Pronunciation:  'eevunlee

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adv]  in a level and regular way
  2. [adv]  in equal amounts or shares; in a balanced or impartial way; "a class evenly divided between girls and boys"; "they split their winnings equally"; "deal equally with rich and poor"

EVENLY is a 6 letter word that starts with E.


 Synonyms: equally
 Antonyms: unequally, unevenly



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\E"ven*ly\, adv.
With an even, level, or smooth surface; without roughness,
elevations, or depression; uniformly; equally; comfortably;
impartially; serenely.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: ad eundem, as, as well, at full length, calmly, ceteris paribus, composedly, conservatively, coolly, correspondingly, deservedly, disinterestedly, dispassionately, dully, duly, equably, equally, equitably, equivalently, fair, fairly, fifty-fifty, flat, flatly, flatways, flatwise, flush, horizontally, identically, impartially, impersonally, in a rut, in balance, in moderation, in reason, indifferently, judiciously, justifiably, justifiedly, justly, lengthways, lengthwise, level, like clockwork, meetly, moderately, monotonously, on a level, on wheels, properly, proportionately, prudently, regularly, restrainedly, rightfully, rightly, routinely, serenely, smooth, smoothly, so, soberly, soothingly, squarely, steadily, subduedly, tediously, temperately, tranquilly, uniformly, unrelievedly, upon even terms, warrantably, warrantedly, within bounds, within compass, within reason, without distinction