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Meaning of DWELLING

Pronunciation:  'dweling

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  housing that someone is living in; "he built a modest dwelling near the pond"; "they raise money to provide homes for the homeless"

DWELLING is a 8 letter word that starts with D.


 Synonyms: abode, domicile, dwelling house, habitation, home
 See Also: bath, bathroom, bedchamber, bedroom, chamber, cliff dwelling, condo, condominium, den, dining room, diningroom, dressing room, family room, fireside, fixer-upper, front room, hearth, hermitage, homestead, house, housing, indian lodge, kitchen, lake dwelling, living accommodations, living room, livingroom, lodge, lodging, messuage, parlor, parlour, pile dwelling, semi-detached house, sitting room, sleeping room, vacation home



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Dwell"ing\, n.
Habitation; place or house in which a person lives; abode;

      Hazor shall be a dwelling for dragons.   --Jer. xlix.

      God will deign To visit oft the dwellings of just men.

      Philip's dwelling fronted on the street. --Tennyson.

{Dwelling house}, a house intended to be occupied as a
   residence, in distinction from a store, office, or other

{Dwelling place}, place of residence.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abiding, abiding place, abode, address, cantonment, cohabitation, commorancy, commorant, crash pad, crib, domicile, domus, dwelling place, habitancy, habitation, home, homestead, house, in residence, inhabitancy, inhabitation, inhabiting, living, living in, lodging, lodging place, lodgment, nest, nesting, occupancy, occupation, pad, place, place to live, quarters, remaining, residence, residency, resident, residentiary, residing, roof, seat, sojourning, squatting, staying, staying over, stopping, tenancy