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Meaning of HEARTH

Pronunciation:  hârth

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  an open recess in a wall at the base of a chimney where a fire can be built; "the fireplace was so large you could walk inside it"; "he laid a fire in the hearth and lit it"; "the hearth was black with the charcoal of many fires"
  2. [n]  home symbolized as a part of the fireplace (synecdoche); "driven from hearth and home"; "fighting in defense of their firesides"
  3. [n]  an area near a fireplace (usually paved and extending out into a room; "they sat on the hearth and warmed themselves before the fire")

HEARTH is a 6 letter word that starts with H.


 Synonyms: fireplace, fireside, open fireplace
 See Also: abode, area, chimney, chimneypiece, country, domicile, dwelling, dwelling house, fire, fire iron, fireside, habitation, hearth, hearthstone, home, mantel, mantelpiece, mantle, mantlepiece, niche, recess, water back



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Hearth\, n. [OE. harthe, herth, herthe, AS. heor?; akin
to D. haard, heerd, Sw. h["a]rd, G. herd; cf. Goth. ha['u]ri
a coal, Icel. hyrr embers, and L. cremare to burn.]
1. The pavement or floor of brick, stone, or metal in a
   chimney, on which a fire is made; the floor of a
   fireplace; also, a corresponding part of a stove.

         There was a fire on the hearth burning before him.
                                               --Jer. xxxvi.

         Where fires thou find'st unraked and hearths
         unswept. There pinch the maids as blue as bilberry.

2. The house itself, as the abode of comfort to its inmates
   and of hospitality to strangers; fireside.

3. (Metal. & Manuf.) The floor of a furnace, on which the
   material to be heated lies, or the lowest part of a
   melting furnace, into which the melted material settles.

{Hearth ends} (Metal.), fragments of lead ore ejected from
   the furnace by the blast.

{Hearth money}, {Hearth penny} [AS. heor[eth]pening], a tax
   formerly laid in England on hearths, each hearth (in all
   houses paying the church and poor rates) being taxed at
   two shillings; -- called also {chimney money}, etc.

         He had been importuned by the common people to
         relieve them from the . . . burden of the hearth
         money.                                --Macaulay.

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing the hearth in your dream means nurturance and family values.
Easton Bible Dictionary

Heb. ah (Jer. 36:22, 23; R.V., "brazier"), meaning a large pot like a brazier, a portable furnace in which fire was kept in the king's winter apartment.

Heb. kiyor (Zech. 12:6; R.V., "pan"), a fire-pan.

Heb. moqed (Ps. 102:3; R.V., "fire-brand"), properly a fagot.

Heb. yaqud (Isa. 30:14), a burning mass on a hearth.

 Definition: a fireplace, often circular and may be unlined, rock or clay-lined, or rock-filled.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: ancestral halls, brood, children, chimney, chimney corner, family, family homestead, fender, fire screen, fireboard, fireguard, fireplace, fireside, flue, folks, foyer, get, hearth and home, hearthstone, hob, home, home place, home roof, home sweet home, homefolks, homestead, house, household, hub, ingle, inglenook, ingleside, issue, menage, offspring, paternal roof, people, roof, rooftree, smokehole, toft