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Meaning of DIURNAL

Pronunciation:  dI'urnl

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  having a daily cycle or occurring every day; "diurnal rhythms"; "diurnal rotation of the heavens"; "the diurnal slumber of bats"
  2. [adj]  (biology) belonging to or active during the day; "diurnal animals are active during the day"; "diurnal flowers are open during the day and closed at night"

DIURNAL is a 7 letter word that starts with D.


 Synonyms: cyclic, cyclical
 Antonyms: nocturnal
 See Also: daytime



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Di*ur"nal\, a. [L. diurnalis, fr. dies day. See
    {Deity}, and cf. {Journal}.]
    1. Relating to the daytime; belonging to the period of
       daylight, distinguished from the night; -- opposed to
       {nocturnal}; as, diurnal heat; diurnal hours.
    2. Daily; recurring every day; performed in a day; going
       through its changes in a day; constituting the measure of
       a day; as, a diurnal fever; a diurnal task; diurnal
       aberration, or diurnal parallax; the diurnal revolution of
       the earth.
             Ere twice the horses of the sun shall bring Their
             fiery torcher his diurnal ring.       --Shak.
    3. (Bot.) Opening during the day, and closing at night; --
       said of flowers or leaves.
    4. (Zo["o]l.) Active by day; -- applied especially to the
       eagles and hawks among raptorial birds, and to butterflies
       (Diurna) among insects.
    {Diurnal aberration} (Anat.), the aberration of light arising
       from the effect of the earth's rotation upon the apparent
       direction of motion of light.
    {Diurnal arc}, the arc described by the sun during the
       daytime or while above the horizon; hence, the arc
       described by the moon or a star from rising to setting.
    {Diurnal circle}, the apparent circle described by a
       celestial body in consequence of the earth's rotation.
    {Diurnal motion of the earth}, the motion of the earth upon
       its axis which is described in twenty-four hours.
    {Diurnal motion of a heavenly body}, that apparent motion of
       the heavenly body which is due to the earth's diurnal
    {Diurnal parallax}. See under {Parallax}.
    {Diurnal revolution of a planet}, the motion of the planet
       upon its own axis which constitutes one complete
    Syn: See {Daily}.
  2. \Di*ur"nal\, n. [Cf. F. diurnal a prayerbook. See
    {Diurnal}, a.]
    1. A daybook; a journal. [Obs.] --Tatler.
    2. (R. C. Ch.) A small volume containing the daily service
       for the ``little hours,'' viz., prime, tierce, sext,
       nones, vespers, and compline.
    3. (Zo["o]l.) A diurnal bird or insect.
Biology Dictionary
  1. Active or occuring during daylight hours.
  2. Describes a flower that is open only during the day.
 Definition: active during daylight hours.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: annual, biannual, biennial, bimonthly, biweekly, catamenial, centenary, centennial, circadian, daily, daytime, decennial, everyday, fortnightly, hebdomadal, hourly, menstrual, momentary, momently, monthly, quarterly, quotidian, regular, secular, semestral, semiannual, semimonthly, semiweekly, semiyearly, tertian, triennial, weekly, yearly