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Meaning of GREEN

Pronunciation:  green, green

Matching Terms:  gree, greece, greed, greedily, greediness, greedy, greedy-gut, greegree, greek, greek alphabet, greek architecture, greek calendar, greek calends, greek capital, greek catholic, greek chorus, greek church, greek clover, greek cross, greek deity, greek fire, greek mode, greek monetary unit, greek mythology, greek orthodox, greek orthodox church, greek partridge, greek valerian, greekess, greeking, greekish, greekling, greeley, green adder's mouth, green alder, green algae, green apple aphid, green arrow arum, green ash, green bay, green bean, green beret, green book, green book cd-rom, green bristlegrass, green broom, green bytes, green card, green corn, green dinosaur, green douglas fir, green dragon, green fingers, green fluorescent protein, green foxtail, green fringed orchis, green frog, green gentian, green gland, green gold, green goods, green gram, green groceries, green hellebore, green june beetle, green lacewing, green lead ore, green light, green lightning, green lizard, green machine, green mamba, green manure, green mayonnaise, green monitor, green monkey, green monkey disease, green mountain state, green mushroom pimple, green olive, green onion, green paper, green party, green pea, green pea soup, green peach aphid, green peafowl, green pepper, green plover, green revolution, green river, green salad, green smut, green smut fungus, green snake, green soap, green soybean, green spleenwort, green tea, green thumb, green turtle, green turtle soup, green woodpecker, greenback, greenback party, greenbacker, greenbelt, green-blind, green-blindness, greenbone, greenbottle, greenbottle fly, greenbrier, green-broom, greencloth, greene, greenery, greeneye, green-eyed, green-eyed monster, greenfinch, greenfish, greenfly, greengage, greengage plum, greengill, greengrocer, greengrocery, greenhead, greenhood, greenhorn, greenhouse, greenhouse effect, greenhouse whitefly, greening, greenish, greenish blue, greenish yellow, greenishness, greenland, greenland caribou, greenland sea, greenland spar, greenland whale, greenlander, green-leek, greenlet, greenling, greenly, greenmail, greenmarket, greenness, greenockite, greenpeace, greenroom, greens, green's theorem, greensand, greensboro, greenshank, greensickness, greenside, greenskeeper, green-stall, greenstick fracture, greenstone, greensward, green-tailed towhee, greenth, greenville, greenway, greenweed, greenwich, greenwich mean time, greenwich time, greenwich village, greenwing, green-winged teal, greenwood, greet, greeter, greeting, greeting card, greeve, greeze

Computing Dictionary

A language proposed by Cii honeywell-bull to meet the DoD ironman requirements which led to ada. This language won in 1979.

["On the GREEN Language Submitted to the DoD", E.W. Dijkstra, SIGPLAN Notices 13(10):16-21 (Oct 1978)].

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: a novice at, a stranger to, acerb, acerbate, acerbic, acescent, adolescent, aestival, alive, amateur, amateurish, artificial turf, artless, Astroturf, at half cock, awkward, befoolable, beryl-green, berylline, blankminded, blooming, blue-green, bluish-green, blunt, boodle, bowling green, brass, bread, bucks, budding, cabbage, callow, chartreuse, chips, chloranemia, chloranemic, chloremia, chlorine, chlorophyll, chlorosis, chlorotic, citrine, citrinous, common, conservationist, crab, crabbed, cullible, deceivable, deludable, dewy, dinero, distrustful, dough, dry, dumb, dupable, easy, eidetic, emerald, empty, empty-headed, enduring, envious, environmental, environmentalist, evergreen, ever-new, exploitable, fairway, firsthand, fledgling, flush, flushed, foliaged, foolable, fresh, fresh as April, gauche, gelt, gilt, glaucescence, glaucescent, glaucous, glaucous-green, glaucousness, golf course, golf links, grassland, grassplot, grassy, grease, green as grass, green stuff, green with jealousy, green-blue, green-eyed, greenish, greenish-blue, greenishness, greenish-yellow, greenness, greensick, greensickness, greenyard, groping, grounds, growing, gullible, half-baked, half-cocked, half-grown, hoaxable, holly, hoodwinkable, horn-mad, humbugable, ignorant, ill-digested, immature, impubic, inane, inexperienced, inexpert, infant, ingenuous, innocent, intact, invidious, ivy, ivy-green, jack, jaundiced, jaundice-eyed, jealous, juicy, juvenile, kale, kept in remembrance, know-nothing, lasting, lawn, leafy, leaved, maiden, maidenly, mazuma, minor, moolah, mopus, naive, neoteric, nescient, nestling, new, new to, new-fledged, oil of palms, ointment, olivaceous, olive, olive-green, oof, ooftish, original, park, patinate, patinize, persuadable, pickled, pink, plaza, porraceous, preservationist, pristine, pungent, putting green, raw, recalled, recollected, remembered, retained, rhino, ripening, rocks, rosy, rosy-cheeked, ruddy, rural, sappy, sec, seduceable, sempervirent, shekels, simoleons, simple, smaragdine, soft, sour, sour as vinegar, soured, sourish, spondulics, springlike, square, strange to, sugar, summerlike, summery, suspicious, sward, tart, tartish, tender, tentative, the needful, tin, unaccustomed to, unacquainted, unacquainted with, unadult, unapprized, unbeaten, uncomprehending, unconversant, unconversant with, underage, underripe, undeveloped, unenlightened, unexperienced, unfamiliar, unfamiliar with, unfledged, unforgotten, unformed, ungrown, unhandled, unilluminated, uninformed, uninitiated, uninitiated in, unintelligent, unknowing, unlicked, unmatured, unmellowed, unposted, unpracticed, unpracticed in, unripe, unseasoned, unskilled, unskilled in, unsophisticated, unsure, unsweet, unsweetened, untested, untouched, untrained, untried, untrodden, unused, unused to, unversed, unversed in, vacuous, verdancy, verdant, verdigris, verdure, verdurous, vernal, vernant, vert, victimizable, village green, vinegarish, vinegary, virescence, virescent, virgin, virginal, viridity, vivid, wampum, yellow, yellow-eyed, yellowish-green, young, youthful