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Meaning of NIGHT

Pronunciation:  nIt

Matching Terms:  nigh, nigh(a), nigher, nighest, nighly, nighness, night bell, night bird, night blindness, night court, night game, night heron, night jasmine, night jessamine, night latch, night letter, night lizard, night mode, night owl, night porter, night raven, night rider, night school, night shift, night snake, night soil, night terror, night terrors, night vision, night watch, night watchman, nightbird, night-blooming, night-blooming cereus, nightcap, nightclothes, nightclub, nightcrawler, nightdress, nighted, nightertale, night-eyed, nightfall, night-faring, nightgown, nighthawk, night-hawk, nightie, nightingale, nightish, nightjar, nightless, nightlight, night-line, nightlong, nightly, nightman, nightmare, nightmare file system, nightmarish, nightrider, night-robe, nightshade, nightshirt, night-sight, nightspot, nightstick, night-stop, nighttime, nightwalker, nightward, nightwear, nightwork

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming of night means some major setbacks and obstacles in achieving your goals. You may find that some issues you are facing are not all that clear and you need to put them to rest for awhile before a decision is made.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: all the time, all-night, blackness, ceaselessly, charcoal, coal, continually, continuously, crow, dark, dark of night, darkness, darkness visible, dead of night, dusk, ebon, ebony, Egyptian darkness, endlessly, Erebus, evening, evensong, eventide, gloaming, incessantly, ink, intense darkness, jet, lightlessness, midnight, moonlessness, night and day, nightfall, night-fallen, nightlong, nightly, nighttide, nighttime, nocturnal, obscure, obscure darkness, obscurity, pitch, pitch-darkness, pitchy darkness, raven, round-the-clock, sable night, sloe, smoke, smut, soot, starlessness, sundown, sunlessness, sunset, swarthiness, tar, tenebrosity, tenebrousness, the palpable obscure, total darkness, twilight, unceasingly, unendingly, velvet darkness, vespers