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Meaning of NAUSEA

Pronunciation:  'nozeeu

Matching Terms:  nauseant, nauseate, nauseated, nauseating, nauseatingness, nauseation, nauseative, nauseous

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you have nausea means that you are suffering from a sickening situation or condition in which you are trying to rid yourself of.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abhorrence, abomination, abscess, ague, airsickness, allergy, anemia, angst, anguish, ankylosis, anoxia, antagonism, antipathy, anxiety, apnea, asphyxiation, asthma, ataxia, atrophy, aversion, backache, barf, bleeding, blennorhea, boredom, cachexia, cachexy, car sickness, cheerlessness, chill, chills, cold sweat, colic, constipation, convulsion, coughing, creeping flesh, cyanosis, diarrhea, discomfort, discomposure, discontent, disgorgement, disgust, dislike, displeasure, disquiet, dissatisfaction, dizziness, dread, dropsy, dullness, dysentery, dyspepsia, dyspnea, edema, egesta, egestion, emaciation, emptiness, enmity, ennui, existential woe, fainting, fatigue, fever, fibrillation, flatness, flux, gagging, grimness, growth, hate, hatred, heaves, heaving, hemorrhage, high blood pressure, horror, hostility, hydrops, hypertension, hypotension, icterus, indigestion, inflammation, inquietude, insomnia, itching, jaundice, joylessness, labored breathing, lack of pleasure, loathing, low blood pressure, lumbago, mal de mer, malaise, marasmus, mortal horror, motion sickness, nasal discharge, necrosis, nongratification, nonsatisfaction, pain, painfulness, paralysis, pruritus, puke, qualm, qualmishness, queasiness, rash, regurgitation, repugnance, repulsion, rheum, savorlessness, sclerosis, seasickness, seizure, shock, shuddering, skin eruption, sneezing, sore, spasm, spew, spleen, squeamishness, staleness, tabes, tachycardia, tastelessness, tediousness, tedium, tumor, uncomfortableness, unease, uneasiness, unhappiness, unpleasure, unsatisfaction, upset stomach, vertigo, vexation of spirit, vomit, vomiting, vomition, wasting