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Meaning of ANEMIA

Pronunciation:  u'neemeeu

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  genus of terrestrial or lithophytic ferns having pinnatifid fronds; chiefly of tropical America
  2. [n]  a deficiency of red blood cells
  3. [n]  a lack of vitality

ANEMIA is a 6 letter word that starts with A.


 Synonyms: anaemia, genus Anemia
 See Also: Anemia adiantifolia, aplastic anaemia, aplastic anemia, blood disease, blood disorder, congenital pancytopenia, crescent-cell anaemia, crescent-cell anemia, drepanocytic anaemia, drepanocytic anemia, erythroblastosis fetalis, family Schizaeaceae, Fanconi's anaemia, Fanconi's anemia, favism, fern genus, haemolytic anaemia, hemolytic anemia, hyperchromic anaemia, hyperchromic anemia, hypochromic anaemia, hypochromic anemia, hypoplastic anaemia, hypoplastic anemia, iron deficiency anaemia, iron deficiency anemia, ischaemia, ischemia, macrocytic anaemia, macrocytic anemia, malignant anaemia, malignant anemia, microcytic anaemia, microcytic anemia, pernicious anaemia, pernicious anemia, pine fern, refractory anaemia, refractory anemia, Schizaeaceae, sickle-cell anaemia, sickle-cell anemia, sickle-cell disease, symptom



Medical Dictionary
 Definition: A condition in which the number of red blood cells is below normal.
Biology Dictionary
 Definition: A condition where there is a lower than normal amount of hemoglobin in the blood and red blood cell production is reduced. Often causes pallor and fatigue.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abscess, acute leukemia, adynamia, ague, angiohemophilia, ankylosis, anoxia, aplastic anemia, apnea, ariboflavinosis, ashiness, asphyxiation, asthma, ataxia, atony, atrophy, backache, beriberi, blah feeling, bleeding, blennorhea, bloodlessness, cachexia, cachexy, cadaverousness, chill, chills, chloranemia, chlorosis, Christmas disease, chronic leukemia, colic, constipation, convulsion, coughing, cowardice, cyanosis, cyclic neutropenia, deathly hue, deathly pallor, debilitation, debility, deficiency anemia, dermatitis, diarrhea, dimness, dizziness, dropsy, dullness, dysentery, dyspepsia, dyspnea, edema, emaciation, erythrocytosis, etiolation, exsanguination, fadedness, fainting, faintness, fairness, fatigue, feebleness, fever, fibrillation, flabbiness, flaccidity, flux, ghastliness, goiter, greensickness, growth, haggardness, Hand-Schuller-Christian disease, hemoglobinopathy, hemophilia, hemophilia A, hemophilia B, hemorrhage, high blood pressure, hydrops, hypertension, hypochromia, hypochromic anemia, hypotension, icterus, impotence, indigestion, infectious granuloma, inflammation, insomnia, iron deficiency anemia, itching, jaundice, keratomalacia, kwashiorkor, labored breathing, languishment, languor, lassitude, Letterer-Siwe syndrome, leukemia, leukemic reticuloendotheliosis, lightness, listlessness, lividness, Lombardy leprosy, low blood pressure, lumbago, macrocytic anemia, maidism, malnutrition, marasmus, muddiness, multiple myeloma, myelogenous leukemia, nasal discharge, nausea, necrosis, neutropenia, night blindness, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, pain, paleness, pallidity, pallidness, pallor, paralysis, pastiness, pellagra, pernicious anemia, plasma cell leukemia, plasmacytoma, polycythemia, prison pallor, prostration, protein deficiency, pruritus, pseudoleukemia, purpura, purpura hemorrhagica, rachitis, rash, rheum, rickets, sallowness, sclerosis, scurvy, seizure, shock, sickle-cell anemia, sickliness, sickly hue, skin eruption, sluggishness, sneezing, softness, sore, spasm, strengthlessness, struma, tabes, tachycardia, thalassemia, tumor, upset stomach, vascular hemophilia, vertigo, vitamin deficiency, vomiting, wanness, wasting, weakliness, weakness, weariness, xerophthalmia