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Meaning of MONSTER

Pronunciation:  'mânstur

Matching Terms:  monstera, monstera deliciosa

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are followed by a monster means that grief and misfortune are in your immediate future. Monsters represent parts of yourself that you find brutish and ugly. You may possess some fears or some repressed emotions. Dreaming that you kill a monster means that you will successfully deal with your rivals and advance to a higher and better position.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abortion, abysmal, amplitudinous, ape-man, Argus, astronomic, astronomical, Atlantean, awesome, baboon, bag, beast, beldam, berserk, berserker, blemish, blot, bogey, bogeyman, bomber, boundless, Briareus, Brobdingnagian, brute, bugaboo, bugbear, bulky, centaur, Cerberus, Charybdis, chimera, cockatrice, colossal, cosmic, Cyclopean, Cyclops, deformity, demon, devil, devil incarnate, dinosaur, dog, Dracula, dragon, drake, Echidna, elephant, elephantine, enormous, epic, extensive, eyesore, fee-faw-fum, fiend, fiend from hell, firebrand, fire-eater, Frankenstein, freak, freak of nature, fright, frightener, fury, galactic, Gargantuan, gargoyle, ghost, ghoul, giant, giantlike, gigantic, goon, Gorgon, gorilla, griffin, gunsel, hag, hardnose, Harpy, harridan, hellcat, hellhound, hellion, hellkite, hell-raiser, Herculean, heroic, hippo, hippocampus, hippopotamus, hobgoblin, holy terror, Homeric, hood, hoodlum, horror, hothead, hotspur, huge, Hydra, immeasurable, immense, incendiary, incubus, infinite, jumbo, killer, king-size, lamia, large, leviathan, Loch Ness monster, mad dog, madcap, Mafioso, mammoth, massive, massy, mastodon, Medusa, mermaid, merman, mess, mighty, Minotaur, miscreation, missing link, monstrosity, monstrous, monumental, mountainous, mugger, mutant, mutation, nightmare, nixie, no beauty, ogre, ogress, outsize, overgrown, Pegasus, phantom, prodigious, profound, Python, rapist, revenant, revolutionary, roc, salamander, satyr, savage, scarebabe, scarecrow, scarer, Scylla, sea horse, sea serpent, she-wolf, sight, siren, sizable, spacious, specter, Sphinx, spitfire, stupendous, succubus, Talos, teratism, termagant, terror, terrorist, tiger, tigress, titanic, tough, tough guy, towering, tremendous, troll, Typhon, ugly customer, ugly duckling, unicorn, vampire, vast, violent, virago, vixen, voluminous, weighty, werewolf, whale, wild beast, windigo, witch, wolf, Wolf-man, xiphopagus, Young Turk, zombie