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Meaning of HERON

Pronunciation:  'heerân, 'herun

Matching Terms:  hero, hero of alexandria, hero sandwich, hero worship, hero worshiper, hero worshipper, herod, herod agrippa i., herod antipas, herod archelaus, herod arippa ii., herod philip i., herod philip ii., herod the great, herodian, herodians, herodias, herodion, herodiones, herodotus, heroess, heroic, heroic couplet, heroic stanza, heroic tale, heroic verse, heroica puebla de zaragoza, heroical, heroically, heroicness, heroicomic, heroics, heroin, heroin addict, heroin addiction, heroine, heroism, heroner, heronry, heron's bill, heronsew, heronshaw, heroologist, heroship, hero-worship

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a heron in your dream, represents self-reliance, stability, and careful forethought. You will achieve much success through your efforts. Alternatively, it means your ability to explore and delve into your unconscious.