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Meaning of FAMILY

Pronunciation:  'famulee

Matching Terms:  familial, familial adenomatous polyposis, familial dysplastic nevi, familial hypercholesterolemia, familial hyper-cholesterolemia, familial polyposis, familiar, familiar spirit, familiar with(p), familiar(p), familiarisation, familiarise, familiarised, familiarising, familiarity, familiarization, familiarize, familiarized, familiarizing, familiarly, familiarness, familiary, familism, familist, familistery, familistic, family acanthaceae, family acanthisittidae, family acanthuridae, family acaridae, family accipitridae, family aceraceae, family acipenseridae, family acrididae, family actinidiaceae, family actinomycetaceae, family adelgidae, family adiantaceae, family aegypiidae, family aepyornidae, family agamidae, family agaricaceae, family agavaceae, family agonidae, family ailuropodidae, family aizoaceae, family akeridae, family alaudidae, family albuginaceae, family albulidae, family alcedinidae, family alcidae, family aleyrodidae, family alismataceae, family alliaceae, family alligatoridae, family allioniaceae, family aloeaceae, family alopiidae, family alstroemeriaceae, family amaranthaceae, family amaryllidaceae, family ambrosiaceae, family ambystomatidae, family ameiuridae, family amiidae, family ammodytidae, family amphioxidae, family amphisbaenidae, family amphiumidae, family amygdalaceae, family anacardiaceae, family anarhichadidae, family anatidae, family ancylidae, family ancylostomatidae, family andrenidae, family anguidae, family anguillidae, family anhimidae, family anhingidae, family anniellidae, family annonaceae, family anobiidae, family anomalopidae, family anomiidae, family antedonidae, family antennariidae, family anthocerotaceae, family antilocapridae, family aphididae, family aphyllanthaceae, family apiaceae, family apidae, family aplodontiidae, family aplysiidae, family apocynaceae, family apodidae, family apogonidae, family apterygidae, family aquifoliaceae, family araceae, family araliaceae, family araucariaceae, family arcellidae, family arcidae, family arctiidae, family ardeidae, family arecaceae, family argasidae, family argentinidae, family argiopidae, family argonautidae, family ariidae, family aristolochiaceae, family armadillidiidae, family artamidae, family ascaphidae, family ascaridae, family asclepiadaceae, family asilidae, family asparagaceae, family aspergillaceae, family asphodelaceae, family aspleniaceae, family astacidae, family asteraceae, family atherinidae, family athiorhodaceae, family athyriaceae, family atrichornithidae, family atropidae, family aulostomidae, family auriculariaceae, family avicenniaceae, family azollaceae, family babesiidae, family bacillaceae, family bacteroidaceae, family balaenicipitidae, family balaenidae, family balaenopteridae, family balanidae, family balistidae, family balsaminaceae, family bangiaceae, family bathyergidae, family batidaceae, family batrachoididae, family begoniaceae, family belemnitidae, family belonidae, family belostomatidae, family bennettitaceae, family berberidaceae, family betulaceae, family bible, family bignoniaceae, family bittacidae, family blastodiaceae, family blattidae, family blechnaceae, family blenniidae, family boidae, family boletaceae, family bombacaceae, family bombycidae, family bombycillidae, family bombyliidae, family boraginaceae, family bothidae, family bovidae, family bradypodidae, family bramidae, family branchiobdellidae, family branchiostegidae, family branchiostomidae, family brassicaceae, family brevicipitidae, family bromeliaceae, family brotulidae, family bruchidae, family bryaceae, family buccinidae, family bucconidae, family bucerotidae, family bufonidae, family burhinidae, family burmanniaceae, family burseraceae, family business, family buxaceae, family cactaceae, family caeciliidae, family caenolestidae, family caesalpiniaceae, family callionymidae, family calliphoridae, family callithricidae, family callitrichaceae, family calostomataceae, family calycanthaceae, family camelidae, family campanulaceae, family cancridae, family canellaceae, family canidae, family cannabidaceae, family cannaceae, family capitonidae, family capparidaceae, family caprifoliaceae, family caprimulgidae, family caproidae, family capromyidae, family capsidae, family carabidae, family carangidae, family carapidae, family carcharhinidae, family carchariidae, family cardiidae, family cariamidae, family caricaceae, family carpinaceae, family caryocaraceae, family caryophyllaceae, family castoridae, family casuaridae, family casuarinaceae, family cathartidae, family catostomidae, family caviidae, family cebidae, family cecidomyidae, family cecropiaceae, family celastraceae, family centrarchidae, family centriscidae, family centropomidae, family cephalobidae, family cephalotaceae, family cephalotaxaceae, family cerambycidae, family ceratodontidae, family ceratophyllaceae, family ceratopogonidae, family ceratopsidae, family ceratostomataceae, family cercidiphyllaceae, family cercopidae, family cercopithecidae, family certhiidae, family cervidae, family cestidae, family cetorhinidae, family chaetodontidae, family chalcidae, family chalcididae, family chamaeleonidae, family chamaeleontidae, family characeae, family characidae, family characinidae, family charadriidae, family chelonidae, family cheloniidae, family chelydridae, family chenopodiaceae, family chermidae, family chimaeridae, family chinchillidae, family chironomidae, family chlamydiaceae, family chlamydomonadaceae, family chloranthaceae, family chlorophthalmidae, family chrysochloridae, family chrysomelidae, family chrysopidae, family chytridiaceae, family cicadellidae, family cicadidae, family cichlidae, family cicindelidae, family ciconiidae, family cimicidae, family cinclidae, family circle, family cistaceae, family cladoniaceae, family clathraceae, family clavariaceae, family cleridae, family clethraceae, family clinidae, family clupeidae, family clusiaceae, family cobitidae, family coccidae, family coccinellidae, family coerebidae, family colchicaceae, family colubridae, family columbidae, family comatulidae, family combretaceae, family commelinaceae, family compositae, family congridae, family connaraceae, family convallariaceae, family convolvulaceae, family coprinaceae, family coraciidae, family cordaitaceae, family cordylidae, family coregonidae, family coreidae, family corixidae, family cornaceae, family cortinariaceae, family corvidae, family corydalidae, family corylaceae, family coryphaenidae, family cotingidae, family cottidae, family cracidae, family cracticidae, family crangonidae, family crassulaceae, family cricetidae, family crocodylidae, family crotalidae, family cruciferae, family cryptobranchidae, family cryptocercidae, family cryptogrammataceae, family ctenizidae, family cuculidae, family cucurbitaceae, family culicidae, family cunoniaceae, family cupressaceae, family curculionidae, family cuterebridae, family cyatheaceae, family cycadaceae, family cyclopteridae, family cymatiidae, family cynipidae, family cynocephalidae, family cynoglossidae, family cyperaceae, family cypraeidae, family cyprinidae, family cyprinodontidae, family cyrilliaceae, family dacninae, family dacrymycetaceae, family dactylopiidae, family dactylopteridae, family dactyloscopidae, family danaidae, family dasyatidae, family dasypodidae, family dasyproctidae, family dasyuridae, family dasyurinae, family daubentoniidae, family davalliaceae, family delphinidae, family dematiaceae, family dendrocolaptidae, family dennstaedtiaceae, family dermestidae, family dermochelyidae, family desmidiaceae, family desmodontidae, family diapensiaceae, family diaspididae, family dicamptodontidae, family dicksoniaceae, family dicranaceae, family didelphidae, family dilleniaceae, family dinornithidae, family diodontidae, family diomedeidae, family dioscoreaceae, family dipodidae, family dipsacaceae, family dipterocarpaceae, family discoglossidae, family doctor, family doliolidae, family dracunculidae, family drepanididae, family dromaeosauridae, family droseraceae, family drosophilidae, family dryopteridaceae, family dugongidae, family dytiscidae, family ebenaceae, family echeneidae, family echeneididae, family edaphosauridae, family eimeriidae, family elaeagnaceae, family elaeocarpaceae, family elapidae, family elateridae, family electrophoridae, family eleotridae, family elephantidae, family elopidae, family embiotocidae, family empetraceae, family emydidae, family endamoebidae, family engraulidae, family enterobacteriaceae, family entolomataceae, family entomophthoraceae, family epacridaceae, family ephedraceae, family ephemeridae, family ephippidae, family equidae, family equisetaceae, family erethizontidae, family ericaceae, family erinaceidae, family eriocaulaceae, family erysiphaceae, family erythroxylaceae, family eschrichtiidae, family esocidae, family euglenaceae, family euphorbiaceae, family eurylaimidae, family exocoetidae, family fabaceae, family fagaceae, family falconidae, family fasciolidae, family felidae, family filariidae, family fissurellidae, family fistulariidae, family fistulinaceae, family flacourtiaceae, family forficulidae, family formicariidae, family formicidae, family fouquieriaceae, family fregatidae, family fringillidae, family fucaceae, family fulgoridae, family fumariaceae, family funkaceae, family furnariidae, family gadidae, family galbulidae, family gasterophilidae, family gasterosteidae, family gavialidae, family gavidae, family geastraceae, family gekkonidae, family gelechiidae, family gempylidae, family gentianaceae, family geoglossaceae, family geometridae, family geomyidae, family geophilidae, family geraniaceae, family gerreidae, family gerridae, family gerrididae, family gesneriaceae, family gigartinaceae, family ginkgoaceae, family giraffidae, family glareolidae, family gleicheniaceae, family gliridae, family globigerinidae, family glossinidae, family gnetaceae, family gobiesocidae, family gobiidae, family gomphotheriidae, family gonorhynchidae, family goodeniaceae, family gracilariidae, family graminaceae, family gramineae, family grossulariaceae, family gruidae, family gryllidae, family guttiferae, family gyrinidae, family hadrosauridae, family haematopodidae, family haemodoraceae, family haemoproteidae, family haemulidae, family halictidae, family haliotidae, family haloragaceae, family haloragidaceae, family hamamelidaceae, family helicidae, family helodermatidae, family helotiaceae, family helvellaceae, family hemerobiidae, family hemerocallidaceae, family hemiprocnidae, family hemiramphidae, family heteromyidae, family hexagrammidae, family hexanchidae, family hippoboscidae, family hippocastanaceae, family hippopotamidae, family hipposideridae, family hirudinidae, family hirundinidae, family history, family holocentridae, family holothuridae, family homaridae, family hominidae, family hostaceae, family household, family hyacinthaceae, family hyaenidae, family hydnaceae, family hydnoracea, family hydrangeaceae, family hydrobatidae, family hydrocharidaceae, family hydrocharitaceae, family hydrochoeridae, family hydrophidae, family hydrophyllaceae, family hygrophoraceae, family hylidae, family hylobatidae, family hymenophyllaceae, family hypericaceae, family hyperodontidae, family hypocreaceae, family hypodermatidae, family hypoxidaceae, family hystricidae, family ibidiidae, family ichneumonidae, family ichthyosauridae, family icteridae, family iguania, family iguanidae, family iguanodontidae, family indicatoridae, family indriidae, family ipidae, family irenidae, family iridaceae, family isoetaceae, family istiophoridae, family isuridae, family ixodidae, family jassidae, family jewels, family juglandaceae, family juncaceae, family juncaginaceae, family jungermanniaceae, family kalotermitidae, family kasuwonidae, family kinosternidae, family kyphosidae, family labiatae, family labridae, family lacertidae, family lactobacillaceae, family lactobacteriaceae, family lamiaceae, family laminariaceae, family lamnidae, family lampridae, family lampyridae, family laniidae, family lanthanotidae, family lardizabalaceae, family laricariidae, family laridae, family lasiocampidae, family latimeridae, family lauraceae, family law, family lecanoraceae, family lecythidaceae, family leguminosae, family leiopelmatidae, family leitneriaceae, family lemnaceae, family lemuridae, family lennoaceae, family lentibulariaceae, family lepadidae, family lepidobotryaceae, family lepidodendraceae, family lepiotaceae, family lepismatidae, family lepisosteidae, family leporidae, family leptodactylidae, family leptotyphlopidae, family liliaceae, family limacidae, family limulidae, family linaceae, family line, family liopelmidae, family liparidae, family liparididae, family lithodidae, family littorinidae, family loasaceae, family lobeliaceae, family lobotidae, family locustidae, family loganiaceae, family lomariopsidaceae, family lophiidae, family lophosoriaceae, family loranthaceae, family lorisidae, family loxomataceae, family lucanidae, family lutjanidae, family luvaridae, family lycaenidae, family lycoperdaceae, family lycopodiaceae, family lycosidae, family lygaeidae, family lymantriidae, family lythraceae, family machilidae, family macropodidae, family macrorhamphosidae, family macrouridae, family macruridae, family magnoliaceae, family majidae, family malacanthidae, family malpighiaceae, family malvaceae, family mammutidae, family man, family manidae, family manteidae, family mantidae, family mantispidae, family marantaceae, family marattiaceae, family marchantiaceae, family marsileaceae, family martyniaceae, family mastodontidae, family mastotermitidae, family mayacaceae, family megachilidae, family megadermatidae, family megalonychidae, family megalosauridae, family megapodiidae, family megatheriidae, family melampsoraceae, family melanthiaceae, family melastomaceae, family melastomataceae, family meleagrididae, family meliaceae, family meliphagidae, family meloidae, family membracidae, family menispermaceae, family menuridae, family menyanthaceae, family meropidae, family micrococcaceae, family microdesmidae, family microhylidae, family mimidae, family mimosaceae, family miridae, family mniaceae, family mobulidae, family molidae, family molossidae, family momotidae, family moniliaceae, family monocanthidae, family monodontidae, family monotropaceae, family moraceae, family morchellaceae, family motacillidae, family mucoraceae, family mugilidae, family mullidae, family muraenidae, family muridae, family musaceae, family muscicapidae, family muscidae, family musophagidae, family mustelidae, family myacidae, family mycetophylidae, family mycobacteriaceae, family mycoplasmataceae, family myctophidae, family myliobatidae, family mylodontidae, family myricaceae, family myristicaceae, family myrmecophagidae, family myrmeleontidae, family myrsinaceae, family myrtaceae, family mysidae, family mytilidae, family myxinidae, family myxobacteriaceae, family myxophyceae, family naiadaceae, family najadaceae, family name, family naticidae, family nautilidae, family nepenthaceae, family nephropsidae, family nepidae, family neritidae, family nidulariaceae, family nitrobacteriaceae, family noctuidae, family nostocaceae, family notonectidae, family notoryctidae, family nummulitidae, family nyctaginaceae, family nymphaeaceae, family nymphalidae, family nyssaceae, family ochnaceae, family ochotonidae, family octopodidae, family odobenidae, family odontaspididae, family oedogoniaceae, family oestridae, family ogcocephalidae, family oleaceae, family oleandraceae, family onagraceae, family oniscidae, family ophidiidae, family ophiodontidae, family ophioglossaceae, family opisthocomidae, family opisthognathidae, family orchestiidae, family orchidaceae, family orectolobidae, family oriolidae, family ornithorhynchidae, family orobanchaceae, family orycteropodidae, family oscillatoriaceae, family osmeridae, family osmundaceae, family ostraciidae, family ostraciontidae, family ostreidae, family otariidae, family otididae, family oxalidaceae, family oxyuridae, family paeoniaceae, family paguridae, family palaemonidae, family palinuridae, family palmaceae, family palmae, family pandanaceae, family pandionidae, family panorpidae, family papaveraceae, family papilionacea, family paradisaeidae, family paridae, family parkeriaceae, family parmeliaceae, family parulidae, family passeridae, family passifloraceae, family patellidae, family pectinidae, family pedaliaceae, family pediculidae, family pelecanidae, family pelecanoididae, family pelobatidae, family pempheridae, family peneidae, family pennatulidae, family peramelidae, family percidae, family percophidae, family peridiniidae, family peripatidae, family peripatopsidae, family peronosporaceae, family pertusariaceae, family petromyzontidae, family pezizaceae, family phaethontidae, family phalacrocoracidae, family phalangeridae, family phalangiidae, family phalaropidae, family phallaceae, family phasianidae, family phasmatidae, family phasmidae, family phillidae, family phocidae, family phoenicopteridae, family phoeniculidae, family pholadidae, family pholidae, family pholididae, family phthiriidae, family phyllidae, family phyllocladaceae, family phyllostomatidae, family phyllostomidae, family phylloxeridae, family physeteridae, family physidae, family phytolaccaceae, family picidae, family pieridae, family pinaceae, family pinnotheridae, family piperaceae, family pipidae, family pipridae, family pittidae, family planning, family plantaginaceae, family plasmodiidae, family plasmodiophoraceae, family plataleidae, family platanaceae, family platanistidae, family platycephalidae, family plethodontidae, family pleurobrachiidae, family pleuronectidae, family ploceidae, family plumbaginaceae, family pluteaceae, family poaceae, family podargidae, family podicipedidae, family podocarpaceae, family poeciliidae, family polemoniaceae, family polyangiaceae, family polygalaceae, family polygonaceae, family polynemidae, family polyodontidae, family polypedatidae, family polypodiaceae, family polyporaceae, family pomacentridae, family pomatomidae, family pongidae, family pontederiaceae, family porcellionidae, family portulacaceae, family portunidae, family potamogalidae, family potamogetonaceae, family priacanthidae, family primulaceae, family pristidae, family procaviidae, family procellariidae, family procyonidae, family proteaceae, family proteidae, family prunellidae, family pseudococcidae, family pseudomonodaceae, family psilophytaceae, family psilotaceae, family psittacidae, family psocidae, family psophiidae, family psychodidae, family psyllidae, family pteridaceae, family pteriidae, family pteroclididae, family pterodactylidae, family ptilonorhynchidae, family pucciniaceae, family pulicidae, family punicaceae, family pygopodidae, family pyralidae, family pyralididae, family pyrolaceae, family pyrrhocoridae, family pythiaceae, family pythonidae, family rachycentridae, family rafflesiaceae, family rajidae, family rallidae, family ramphastidae, family ranidae, family ranunculaceae, family rapateaceae, family raphidae, family raphidiidae, family recurvirostridae, family reduviidae, family regalecidae, family relationship, family resedaceae, family rhamnaceae, family rheidae, family rhincodontidae, family rhinobatidae, family rhinocerotidae, family rhinolophidae, family rhinotermitidae, family rhiptoglossa, family rhizobiaceae, family rhizophoraceae, family rhizopogonaceae, family rhodymeniaceae, family rhyniaceae, family rickettsiaceae, family roccellaceae, family room, family roridulaceae, family rosaceae, family rubiaceae, family ruscaceae, family russulaceae, family rutaceae, family rynchopidae, family saccharomycetaceae, family sagittariidae, family salamandridae, family salicaceae, family salmonidae, family salpidae, family salvadoraceae, family salviniaceae, family santalaceae, family sapindaceae, family sapotaceae, family sarcoptidae, family sarcoscyphaceae, family sarraceniaceae, family saturniidae, family saururaceae, family saxifragaceae, family scarabaeidae, family scaridae, family scheuchzeriaceae, family schistosomatidae, family schizaeaceae, family schizophyceae, family schizosaccharomycetaceae, family sciadopityaceae, family sciaenidae, family sciaridae, family scincidae, family sciuridae, family sclerodermataceae, family sclerotiniaceae, family scolopacidae, family scolytidae, family scomberesocidae, family scombresocidae, family scombridae, family scorpaenidae, family scrophulariaceae, family scutigeridae, family scyliorhinidae, family secotiaceae, family selaginellaceae, family sepiidae, family septobasidiaceae, family serranidae, family sialidae, family sillaginidae, family siluridae, family simaroubaceae, family simuliidae, family sirenidae, family sisyridae, family sittidae, family solanaceae, family soleidae, family solenidae, family soricidae, family spalacidae, family sparganiaceae, family sparidae, family sphaeriaceae, family sphaerobolaceae, family sphaerocarpaceae, family sphecidae, family spheniscidae, family sphingidae, family sphyraenidae, family sphyrnidae, family spirillaceae, family spirochaetaceae, family spirulidae, family squalidae, family squatinidae, family squillidae, family staphylaceae, family staphylinidae, family steatornithidae, family stenopelmatidae, family stercorariidae, family sterculiaceae, family stichaeidae, family stizidae, family strelitziaceae, family streptomycetaceae, family strigidae, family stromateidae, family strombidae, family strophariaceae, family struthionidae, family sturnidae, family styracaceae, family suidae, family sulidae, family sylviidae, family symplocaceae, family synchytriaceae, family syngnathidae, family synodontidae, family tabanidae, family taccaceae, family tachinidae, family tachyglossidae, family taeniidae, family talpidae, family tamaricaceae, family tapiridae, family tarsiidae, family taxaceae, family tayassuidae, family tecophilaeacea, family teiidae, family tenebrionidae, family tenrecidae, family tenthredinidae, family terebellidae, family teredinidae, family termitidae, family testudinidae, family tethyidae, family tetragoniaceae, family tetranychidae, family tetraodontidae, family tetraonidae, family tettigoniidae, family theaceae, family thelephoraceae, family thelypteridaceae, family theophrastaceae, family theraphosidae, family therapy, family theridiidae, family thiobacteriaceae, family thraupidae, family threskiornithidae, family thripidae, family thymelaeaceae, family tiliaceae, family tilletiaceae, family timaliidae, family tinamidae, family tineidae, family tingidae, family tipulidae, family titanosauridae, family todidae, family torpedinidae, family tortricidae, family toxotidae, family trachipteridae, family tragulidae, family trapaceae, family tree, family tremellaceae, family trephritidae, family treponemataceae, family triakidae, family tribonemaceae, family trichechidae, family trichiuridae, family trichodontidae, family tricholomataceae, family tridacnidae, family triglidae, family trilliaceae, family trionychidae, family triopidae, family trochilidae, family troglodytidae, family trogonidae, family trombiculidae, family trombidiidae, family tropaeolaceae, family trypetidae, family tuberaceae, family tuberculariaceae, family tulostomaceae, family tulostomataceae, family tupaiidae, family turdidae, family turnicidae, family tylenchidae, family typhaceae, family typhlopidae, family tytonidae, family uintatheriidae, family ulmaceae, family ulvaceae, family umbelliferae, family unionidae, family unit, family upupidae, family uranoscopidae, family ursidae, family urticaceae, family usneaceae, family ustilaginaceae, family valerianaceae, family varanidae, family veneridae, family verbenaceae, family vespertilionidae, family vespidae, family violaceae, family viperidae, family vireonidae, family viscaceae, family vitaceae, family vittariaceae, family viverridae, family viverrinae, family volvariaceae, family volvocaceae, family vombatidae, family welwitschiaceae, family winteraceae, family xanthorrhoeaceae, family xantusiidae, family xenicidae, family xenopodidae, family xenosauridae, family xiphiidae, family xylariaceae, family xyridaceae, family zamiaceae, family zannichelliaceae, family zapodidae, family zeidae, family zingiberaceae, family ziphiidae, family zoarcidae, family zosteraceae, family zygnemataceae, family zygophyllaceae

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing your own family in high spirits in your dream, symbolizes harmony and happiness. Seeing them gloomy, foretells of disappointment and sadness.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: affiliation, agnate, ancestors, ancestry, animal kingdom, antonomasia, apparentation, ashram, binomial nomenclature, biosystematics, biosystematy, biotype, birth, blood, blood relation, blood relative, bloodline, body, branch, breed, brood, caste, children, clan, clannish, clansman, class, classification, cognate, collateral, collateral relative, colony, common ancestry, commonwealth, commune, community, connections, consanguinean, consanguinity, deme, derivation, descendants, descent, diphyletic, direct, direct line, distaff side, distant relation, division, dynasty, economic class, enate, endogamous group, ethnic, extended family, extraction, family tree, female line, filiation, flesh, flesh and blood, folk, folks, forebears, forefathers, fruit, genealogical, genealogy, genetic, genotype, genre, gens, gentile, gentilic, genus, german, get, glossology, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, group, hearth, heirs, home, homefolks, hostages to fortune, house, household, inheritors, issue, kids, kin, kind, kindred, kinfolk, kingdom, kinnery, kinsfolk, kinship group, kinsman, kinsmen, kinswoman, kith and kin, line, line of descent, lineage, lineal, little ones, male line, matriclan, menage, moiety, nation, national, near relation, new generation, next of kin, nomenclature, nuclear family, offspring, onomastics, onomatology, order, orismology, parentage, patriclan, pedigree, people, phratria, phratry, phyle, phyletic, phylogenetic, phylum, place-names, place-naming, plant kingdom, polyonymy, posterity, progenitors, progeny, race, racial, relations, relatives, rising generation, section, seed, sept, series, set, settlement, sib, sibling, side, social class, society, sons, spear kin, spear side, species, spindle kin, spindle side, stem, stirp, stirps, stock, strain, subcaste, subclass, subdivision, subfamily, subgenus, subkingdom, suborder, subspecies, subtribe, succession, superclass, superfamily, superorder, superspecies, sword side, systematics, taxonomy, terminology, toponymy, totem, totemic, treasures, tribal, tribe, tribesman, trinomialism, type, uterine kin, variety, younglings, youngsters