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Pronunciation:  di`turmu'neyshun

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you have determination, represents your ambition and realization of your goals. It refers to your attitude and the restrictions that you or others impose onto you.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: absolute indication, accomplishment, acid test, action, aim, allocation, ambition, animus, answer, appetence, appetency, appetite, appraisal, appraisement, approximation, ascertaining, ascertainment, aspiration, assay, assessment, assignment, assize, assizement, assurance, attribution, award, balkiness, bigotry, blank determination, bounding, bringing to light, brouillon, bullheadedness, burden of proof, calculation, casual discovery, catching, certification, chance discovery, check, checking, choice, circling-in, circumscribing, circumscription, clearing up, collation, command, commitment, computation, conation, conatus, conclusion, conclusive evidence, condemnation, confirmation, consideration, constancy, correction, counsel, cracking, criterion, crucial test, crucible, damning evidence, decidedness, decipherment, decision, decisiveness, decoding, decree, dedication, definiteness, definition, delimitation, deliverance, demarcation, demonstration, denomination, denouement, desideration, desideratum, design, designation, desire, detection, determinateness, determinedness, determining, devotion, diagnosis, dictum, disclosure, discovery, discretion, disentanglement, disposition, distinguishment, docimasy, doggedness, dogmatism, doom, earnestness, effect, effort, encincture, end, end result, endeavor, ensuring, espial, essay, establishment, estimate, estimation, evaluation, excavation, exertion, exhumation, explanation, exposure, fanaticism, fancy, feeling out, find, finding, finding out, finding-out, firmness, first draft, fixed mind, fixed purpose, fixing, fortitude, free choice, free will, function, gauging, grit, guts, hardheadedness, headstrongness, idea, inclination, inclusion-exclusion, incontrovertible evidence, indisputable evidence, inflexible will, instrumentation, intendment, intent, intention, interpretation, intolerance, invention, ironclad proof, issue, judgement, kiteflying, liking, locating, location, lucky strike, lust, meaning, measure, measurement, measuring, mensuration, metric system, mind, motive, mulishness, nisus, obduracy, objective, obstinacy, obstinateness, onus, onus probandi, opinionatedness, ordeal, order, outcome, overzealousness, passion, perseverance, persistence, pertinacity, pigheadedness, pinning down, plan, pleasure, point, precedent, precision, probation, prognosis, project, pronouncement, proof, proposal, prospectus, purpose, purposefulness, quantification, quantization, rating, reason, reassurance, reassurement, recognition, rediscovery, relentlessness, resoluteness, resolution, resolve, resolvedness, resolving, restiveness, result, revelation, riddling, rough draft, rough sketch, ruling, sake, selection, self-will, sentence, serendipity, seriousness, settlement, settling, sexual desire, signification, sincerity, single-mindedness, solution, solving, sorting out, sounding out, specification, spotting, standard, steadfastness, stiff neck, stiff-neckedness, stipulation, strain, strike, striving, strongheadness, struggle, stubbornness, study, substantiation, sulkiness, sullenness, sure sign, survey, surveying, telemetering, telemetry, tenaciousness, tenacity, termination, test, test case, total commitment, touchstone, treasure trove, trial, triangulation, trouvaille, trove, try, uncooperativeness, uncovering, unearthing, unmistakable sign, unraveling, unregenerateness, unriddling, unscrambling, unspinning, untangling, untwisting, unweaving, upshot, validation, valuation, velleity, verdict, verification, view, volition, will, will power, willfulness, wish, working, working-out