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Pronunciation:  `pursu'veeruns

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the act of persisting or persevering; continuing or repeating behavior; "his perseveration continued to the point where it was no longer appropriate"
  2. [n]  persistent determination

PERSEVERANCE is a 12 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: doggedness, perseveration, persistence, persistence, persistency, pertinacity, tenaciousness, tenacity
 See Also: continuance, continuation, determination, purpose



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Per`se*ver"ance\, n. [F. pers['e]v['e]rance, L.
1. The act of persevering; persistence in anything
   undertaken; continued pursuit or prosecution of any
   business, or enterprise begun. ``The king-becoming graces
   . . . perseverance, mercy, lowliness.'' --Shak.

         Whose constant perseverance overcame Whate'er his
         cruel malice could invent.            --Milton.

2. Discrimination. [Obs.] --Sir J. Harrington.

3. (Theol.) Continuance in a state of grace until it is
   succeeded by a state of glory; sometimes called final
   perseverance, and the perseverance of the saints. See

Syn: Persistence; steadfastness; constancy; steadiness;

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: acceptance, assiduity, balkiness, bigotry, bullheadedness, commitment, continualness, continuance, continuation, continuity, decidedness, decision, decisiveness, dedication, definiteness, determinateness, determination, determinedness, devotion, diligence, doggedness, dogmatism, earnestness, endurance, extension, fanaticism, firmness, fixed mind, forbearance, forbearing, forbearingness, fortitude, grit, guts, hardheadedness, headstrongness, indefatigability, indulgence, inflexibility, inflexible will, intolerance, lengthening, lenience, leniency, longanimity, long-sufferance, long-suffering, maintenance, mulishness, obduracy, obdurateness, obstinacy, obstinateness, opinionatedness, overzealousness, patience, patience of Job, patientness, perpetuation, persistence, pertinacity, pigheadedness, pluck, progress, progression, prolongation, protraction, purpose, purposefulness, pursuance, relentlessness, repetition, resoluteness, resolution, resolve, resolvedness, restiveness, run, sedulousness, self-control, self-will, seriousness, sincerity, single-mindedness, stamina, staying power, steadfastness, stiff neck, stiff-neckedness, stoicism, straight course, strongheadness, stubbornness, sufferance, sulkiness, sullenness, sustained action, sustenance, sweet reasonableness, tenaciousness, tenacity, tirelessness, tolerance, toleration, total commitment, uncooperativeness, uninterrupted course, unregenerateness, unremittingness, waiting game, waiting it out, way, will, willfulness