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Meaning of WATER LEVEL

Pronunciation:  'wotur 'levul

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a water gauge that shows the level by showing the surface of the water in a trough or U-shaped tube
  2. [n]  the level of the surface of a body of water
  3. [n]  a line corresponding to the surface of the water when the vessel is afloat on an even keel; often painted on the hull of a ship
  4. [n]  underground surface below which the ground is wholly saturated with water; "spring rains had raised the water table"
 Synonyms: groundwater level, water line, water table, waterline
 See Also: elevation, formation, geological formation, geology, line, load line, Plimsoll, Plimsoll line, Plimsoll mark, sea level, water gage, water gauge, water glass



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Wa"ter lev"el\
1. The level formed by the surface of still water.

2. A kind of leveling instrument. See under {Level}, n.