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Meaning of TURBULENT

Pronunciation:  'turbyulunt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  (of a liquid) agitated vigorously; in a state of turbulence; "the river's roiling current"; "turbulent rapids"
  2. [adj]  characterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination; "effects of the struggle will be violent and disruptive"; "riotous times"; "these troubled areas"; "the tumultuous years of his administration"; "a turbulent and unruly childhood"

TURBULENT is a 9 letter word that starts with T.


 Synonyms: agitated, churning, disruptive, riotous, roiled, roiling, roily, troubled, tumultuous, unquiet



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Tur"bu*lent\, a. [L. turbulentus, fr. turba disorder,
tumult: cf. F. turbulent. See {Turbid}.]
1. Disturbed; agitated; tumultuous; roused to violent
   commotion; as, the turbulent ocean.

         Calm region once, And full of peace, now tossed and
         turbulent.                            --Milton.

2. Disposed to insubordination and disorder; restless;
   unquiet; refractory; as, turbulent spirits.

         Sagacious, bold, and turbulent of wit. --Dryden.

3. Producing commotion; disturbing; exciting.

         Whose heads that turbulent liquor fills with fumes.

Syn: Disturbed; agitated; tumultuous; riotous; seditious;
     insubordinate; refractory; unquiet.