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Meaning of TERRA

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Ter"ra\, n. [It. & L. See {Terrace}.]
The earth; earth.

{Terra alba} [L., white earth] (Com.), a white amorphous
   earthy substance consisting of burnt gypsum, aluminium
   silicate (kaolin), or some similar ingredient, as
   magnesia. It is sometimes used to adulterate certain
   foods, spices, candies, paints, etc.

{Terra cotta}. [It., fr. terra earth + cotta, fem. of cotto
   cooked, L. coctus, p. p. of coquere to cook. See {Cook},
   n.] Baked clay; a kind of hard pottery used for statues,
   architectural decorations, figures, vases, and the like.

{Terr[ae] filius} [L., son of the earth], formerly, one
   appointed to write a satirical Latin poem at the public
   acts in the University of Oxford; -- not unlike the
   prevaricator at Cambridge, England.

{Terra firma} [L.], firm or solid earth, as opposed to

{Terra Japonica}. [NL.] Same as {Gambier}. It was formerly
   supposed to be a kind of earth from Japan.

{Terra Lemnia} [L., Lemnian earth], Lemnian earth. See under

{Terra ponderosa} [L., ponderous earth] (Min.), barite, or
   heavy spar.

{Terra di Sienna}. See {Sienna}.