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Meaning of RAMPANT

Pronunciation:  'rampunt

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  unrestrained and violent; "rampant aggression"

RAMPANT is a 7 letter word that starts with R.


 Synonyms: uncontrolled



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Ramp"ant\, a. [F., p. pr. of ramper to creep. See
{Ramp}, v.]
1. Ramping; leaping; springing; rearing upon the hind legs;
   hence, raging; furious.

         The fierce lion in his kind Which goeth rampant
         after his prey.                       --Gower.

         [The] lion . . . rampant shakes his brinded mane.

2. Ascending; climbing; rank in growth; exuberant.

         The rampant stalk is of unusual altitude. --I.

3. (Her.) Rising with fore paws in the air as if attacking;
   -- said of a beast of prey, especially a lion. The right
   fore leg and right hind leg should be raised higher than
   the left.

{Rampant arch}.
   (a) An arch which has one abutment higher than the other.
   (b) Same as {Rampant vault}, below.

{Rampant gardant} (Her.), rampant, but with the face turned
   to the front.

{Rampant regardant}, rampant, but looking backward.

{Rampant vault} (Arch.), a continuous wagon vault, or cradle
   vault, whose two abutments are located on an inclined
   planed plane, such as the vault supporting a stairway, or
   forming the ceiling of a stairway.