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Meaning of NAGGING

Pronunciation:  'naging

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  continually complaining or faultfinding; "a shrewish wife"; "nagging parents"

NAGGING is a 7 letter word that starts with N.


 Synonyms: ill-natured, shrewish



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Nag"ging\, a.
Fault-finding; teasing; persistently annoying; as, a nagging
toothache. [Colloq.]

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: adverse criticism, animadversion, aspersion, bad notices, bad press, blandishment, buttonholing, cajolement, cajolery, cajoling, captious, captiousness, carping, catty, cavil, caviling, censoriousness, chronic, coaxing, continual, continuous, critical, criticism, cynical, demanding, distressing, dunning, exception, faultfinding, flak, fretful, hairsplitting, haunting, hit, home thrust, hostile criticism, hypercritical, hypercriticalness, hypercriticism, importunate, importunateness, importunity, imputation, indelible, insistent, knock, naggy, niggle, niggling, nit, nit-picking, obloquy, obsessive, overcritical, overcriticalness, peevish, persistent, pestering, pettifogging, pettish, petulant, plaguing, plying, pressing, pressure, priggishness, querulous, quibble, quibbling, rap, recurrent, recurring, reflection, relentless, reproachfulness, resentful, shrewish, slam, stricture, swipe, taking exception, teasing, trichoschistic, trichoschistism, ultracritical, unforgettable, unrelenting, urgency, urgent, urging, vixenish, vixenly, wheedling