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Meaning of MOTOR

Pronunciation:  'mowtur

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  machine that converts other forms of energy into mechanical energy and so imparts motion
  2. [adj]  causing or able to cause motion; "a motive force"; "motive power"; "motor energy"
  3. [adj]  involving or relating to movements of the muscles; "motor coordination"; "a motor reflex"; "motor paralysis"
  4. [v]  travel or be transported in a vehicle; "We drove to the university every morning"; "They motored to London for the theater"

MOTOR is a 5 letter word that starts with M.


 Synonyms: causative, drive, motive(a)
 See Also: electric motor, engine, go, locomote, machine, move, ride, stepper, stepping motor, travel



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Mo"tor\, n. [L., fr. movere, motum, to move.]
    1. One who, or that which, imparts motion; a source of
       mechanical power.
    2. (Mach.) A prime mover; a machine by means of which a
       source of power, as steam, moving water, electricity,
       etc., is made available for doing mechanical work.
  2. \Mo"tor\, Motory \Mo"to*ry\, Motorial \Mo*to"ri*al\, a.
    [L. motorius that has motion. See {Motor}, n.]
    Causing or setting up motion; pertaining to organs of motion;
    -- applied especially in physiology to those nerves or nerve
    fibers which only convey impressions from a nerve center to
    muscles, thereby causing motion.
  3. \Mo"tor\, n.
    A motor car; an automobile. [Colloq.]
Medical Dictionary
 Definition: In medicine, having to do with the movement of body parts.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: active, aeromotor, alembic, anvil, appliance, arc-jet engine, auto, autocar, automobile, axial-flow turbojet, bicycle, bike, boat, buggy, bus, caldron, cam engine, car, catch a train, charioteer, chauffeur, convenience, crate, crucible, cycle, drive, driving, engine, enginery, entrain, facility, fixture, gas jet, go by rail, heap, impelling, impulse duct engine, in motion, inverted engine, jalopy, joyride, lathe, machine, machinery, make a train, mechanical aid, mechanical device, mechanism, melting pot, mobile, mortar, motile, motivational, motive, motive power, motor vehicle, motorcar, motorcycle, motorized vehicle, moving, pancake engine, pedal, pilot, piston engine, power plant, power source, propellant, propeller-jet engine, propelling, propjet, radial engine, ramjet, reciprocating engine, retort, ride, rocket motor, rotary engine, stirring, supercharged engine, take a joyride, taxi, test tube, tool, transducer, transformer, transitional, traveling, tub, turbine, turbojet, turboprop, utility, vertical engine, voiture, wheel, wheels, wreck