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Meaning of METE

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Mete\, n.
    Meat. [Obs.] --Chaucer.
  2. \Mete\, v. t. & i.
    To meet. [Obs.] --Chaucer.
  3. \Mete\, v. i. & t. [imp. {Mette}; p. p. {Met}.] [AS.
    To dream; also impersonally; as, me mette, I dreamed. [Obs.]
    ``I mette of him all night.'' --Chaucer.
  4. \Mete\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Meted}; p. pr. & vb. n.
    {Meting}.] [AS. metan; akin to D. meten, G. messen, OHG.
    mezzan, Icel. meta, Sw. m["a]ta, Goth. mitan, L. modus
    measure, moderation, modius a corn measure, Gr. ? to rule, ?
    a corn measure, and ultimately from the same root as E.
    measure, L. metiri to measure; cf. Skr. m[=a] to measure.
    [root]99. Cf. {Measure}, {Meet}, a., {Mode}.]
    To find the quantity, dimensions, or capacity of, by any rule
    or standard; to measure.
  5. \Mete\, v. i.
    To measure. [Obs.] --Mark iv. 24.
  6. \Mete\, n. [AS. met. See {Mete} to measure.]
    Measure; limit; boundary; -- used chiefly in the plural, and
    in the phrase metes and bounds.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accord, administer, afford, allocate, allot, allow, apportion, appraise, appreciate, assay, assess, assign, award, bestow, bestow on, calculate, calibrate, caliper, check a parameter, communicate, compute, confer, deal, deal out, dial, disburse, dish out, dispense, disperse, dispose, distribute, divide, dole, dole out, donate, estimate, evaluate, extend, fathom, fork out, gauge, gift, gift with, give, give freely, give out, graduate, grant, hand out, heap, help to, impart, issue, lavish, let have, measure, measure out, mensurate, mete out, meter, offer, pace, parcel out, pass around, pass out, pay out, plumb, portion out, pour, present, prize, probe, proffer, quantify, quantize, rain, rate, render, serve, share out, shell out, shower, size, size up, slip, snow, sound, span, spoon out, step, survey, take a reading, tender, triangulate, valuate, value, vouchsafe, weigh, yield