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Meaning of INDEBTED

Pronunciation:  in'detid

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\In*debt"ed\, a.
1. Brought into debt; being under obligation; held to payment
   or requital; beholden.

         By owing, owes not, but still pays, at once Indebted
         and discharged.                       --Milton.

2. Placed under obligation for something received, for which
   restitution or gratitude is due; as, we are indebted to
   our parents for their care of us in infancy; indebted to
   friends for help and encouragement. --Cowper.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: beholden, bound, burdened with debt, deep in debt, duty-bound, embarrassed, encumbered, in debt, in difficulties, in embarrassed circumstances, in hock, in the hole, in the red, insolvent, involved, liable, mortgaged, obligated, obliged, owing, plunged in debt, responsible, tied up, unsound